2021 World Youth Day has a Song!

Song was Produced and rRleased by Fundación Ramón Pané Together with Programa Cristonautas

2021 World Youth Day

The theme song for the 2021 World Youth Day (which will be celebrated at the Diocesan and/or Local Church level) has been released with the title  “JESUS SAID TO ME: ‘LEVANTA-TE! ¡LEVÁNTATE!  GET UP!’.” It will be a useful instrument that will help to animate this year, as we journey toward the Lisbon 2023 World Youth Day.

In accordance with the new provisions established by Pope Francis, this year’s event will be held at the local level, in each of the Local Churches or Dioceses of the world during the feast of Christ the King (November 21st,  2021).

Young people, protagonists of the Church

The song was produced and released by the Fundación Ramón Pané together with the Programa Cristonautas (Cristonautas Program) with the purpose of motivating young people to become Christian protagonists in this world, especially given the situation that the Church is experiencing today.

After much reflection, the song was written using the Lectio Divina methodology by Brother Ricardo Grzona, frp, Executive Director of the Fundación Ramón Pané. It has been released in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

“As we reflected on what might be needed for the upcoming WYD in 2021, we looked at our Church once again and we sought to understand, especially in the way that young people understand things. So we did what the first evangelizer of America, Ramón Pané, did in 1494, we ‘inculturated ourselves’ and suggested contemporary rhythms ”.

In three languages: Spanish, English, and Portuguese

This is why the Fundación Ramón Pané brought together a group of Catholic Christian singers from various countries.

“We brought them together and released the first song in three languages ​​(Spanish, Portuguese, and English). We believe that it will be the first song with these characteristics in the Church and, perhaps, in the secular world”.

“We would like to equip young people with ways to reflect and pray, as well as encourage them to participate in World Youth Day in their Local Churches or Dioceses during this year of 2021, in preparation for WYD Lisbon 2023”.

“Get up!”, the theme of the 2021 Event

As reported by the Dicastery for the Laity, Family, and Life of the Holy See, the Holy Father has chosen the following theme for World Youth Day 2021: “Get up! I make you a witness to the things you have seen! ” (cf. Acts 26:16).

Pope Francis has established that this year’s World Youth Day will be celebrated on Sunday, November 21st, the Feast of Christ the King.

“This spiritual path marked by the Pontiff is a continuation of the reflection begun during the last World Youth Day celebrated in Panama in 2019 and of the path initiated by the synod, in particular the Apostolic Exhortation Christus Vivit.”

Getting up, “awakening to life”

“This theme is an invitation to young people to ‘get up,’ to hasten to live the Lord’s call and spread the good news, as the Virgin Mary did after responding to her call: ‘Here I am’.”

In fact, the verb to “get up” in the original text of Saint Luke also has the meaning to ‘resuscitate’, to ‘awaken to life ’.

This project is also presented in a lyrical video (to be able to sing it in all three languages).

 Voices of young people from all over the Americas

The music composed by Maestro Roberto Assalini was performed by the singers who participated in the launched video clip, including from Brazil: Marcos Tonasse and Fray Rená Barros; from Peru: Elton Rey; from Colombia-United States: Johann Alvarez; from Venezuela-Panama Fray Richard, from the United States: Álvaro Vega (Communion), The Call Music Ministry (Liana Lopez, Lauren Lopez, Andrea Jimenez, Nancy (Nana) Cristobal, Luis Lopez, CJ Cristobal); from the Dominican Republic: Encuentro Cristo (Katty Rivera, Carmela Díaz, Susana Arias).

“The singers have come together in an international experience, to show that young people from all countries can participate and that languages ​​are not a barrier to praise the Lord.”

You may see the video clip below and you may register to participate in an international competition by going to the video’s description:



Lyric Video with text:


Choreography Competition (Challenge)

About the song for the 2021 World Youth Day.

The Fundación Ramón Pané together with the Cristonautas Program has launched a “WYD 2021 Challenge” for groups from any country that wish to present a choreography applied to the song “Jesus said to me: ‘levanta-te! ¡levántate!  Get up!’”.

The deadline to register for the competition is Sunday, November 14, 2021. The winners will be announced on the Feast of Christ the King through the webpage www.cristonautas.com (November 21, 2021).

As a prize, the winners of the competition will receive free Registration to the World Youth Day in Lisbon 2023.

You may watch a video of the Song at:

YouTube: https://youtu.be/5fxzoGBxAq8

You may find the rules for registering for the competition for free and for who may participate in the video Challenge at: https://www.cristonautas.com/video-challenge-jmj-2021/