Abortion in European Parliament’s Matic Report

It Recognizes Abortion as a Right, Denying That of the Unborn

Matic Report

Priest and Doctor Josep Maria Montiu de Nuix offers Exaudi’s readers his article entitled “’And It Was the Night!’: The European Parliament’s Matic Report,” in which he talks about the recent approval of this Report, which recognizes abortion as a right, denying that of the unborn.

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In his Encyclical Evangelium Vitae, Saint John Paul II said flatly: “from the moment the ovum is fertilized, a new life begins (. . . ) a new human being who develops by himself. He will never be human if he has not been so since then. (… ) Fixed from the first instant is the program of what that living being will be: a person, an individual with his characteristics already well determined. The adventure of a human life begins with fertilization (. . . ) The human being must be respected and treated as a person from the instant of his conception and, therefore, from that very moment his right as a person must be recognized, primarily the right (. . . ) to life.”

Understood as logic, in the most modern and most abstract scientific conception of mathematical logic, is any system that can be obtained from some points of departure through a factor of coherence. The only thing that is required is that there be coherent rules of the game. That is, only a system does not merit to be called logic in which there is a formal incoherence between two of its propositions. In fine, to be logical is to be coherent.

Well, the European Parliament approved the Matic Report that, among other things, considers abortion as a right. That is, according to this report, it’s a human right to go against the human rights of unborn babies, namely, it is a right to eliminate a right — a monument to the illogical!  The Report was voted favorably in keeping with the dictates of parliamentary groups and not in keeping with the truth, the good, and logic.

However, thank God, human nature is wiser than many Euro-parliamentarians. Wisdom exists in it, common sense, a final orientation to the preservation of the human lives of one’s children, a maternal instinct that sees the truth of things that gets it right. That is why Saint Thomas Aquinas said that there is not a precept in the Decalogue that says thou shalt honour thy children, given that parents’ love for their children is imprinted in human nature itself. In a more poetic way, speaking of the animal kingdom, Saint Augustine said: “What tiger exists that does not softly and affectionately coo its cubs and, its fierceness calmed, doesn’t praise them? What small hawk is there, no matter how solitary it is, flying and circling its prey to prime its claws, which does not look for a female, make a nest, bring out its eggs, raise its chicks (. . . ).” I illustrate this wisdom of human nature in the following real anecdotes.

Some girls were trying to convince a young woman not to abort. They were despairing about not being able to convince her, as she didn’t pay attention to any of their arguments. All of a sudden, the telephone rang. One of the girls, who had a baby in her arms, asked the young woman to hold him, so she could answer the phone. The phone conversation having ended, the little one was returned to his mother. Then the young woman said she no longer wanted to abort. They were all very surprised. What happened? Having held the baby in her arms, her maternal instinct awakened, solving everything.

A poor mother wanted to abort, as she thought she couldn’t keep her new child adequately. Then someone said to her: “Look, kill your older child, as he’s the one that eats more and gives birth to this little one who will eat very little.” Then the woman put her hands on her head, realizing the horror of what she had thought to do, and so didn’t abort.

As a priest, how many times I’ve felt on my hands the tears of women extremely sorry, disconsolate, heartbroken, full of pain and regret over the tragedy of having aborted.

A good priest, friend of mine, told me that, finding himself in a Clinic, a woman said to him: “I present your son to you!” He answered: “I don’t have a son!” She replied: “This is your son! I’ll demonstrate it to you! When I wanted to abort, you convinced me not to do it. So, although, you don’t have a physical part in this child, he is your son, as without you he wouldn’t be living; he lives thanks to you; he owes his life to you!”

Ultimately, not only science, logic, Philosophy, and Theology refute the Matic Report, but even mere common sense and good instinct refute it.