Cardinal Krajewski Brings Ambulance for Hurt Ukrainian Kids

A Blessed Gift From Pope Francis

Hurt Ukrainian Kids
Cardinal Krajewski hands the ambulance over to Lviv authorities © Vatican News

Hurt Ukrainian kids have a new ambulance from Pope Francis, delivered yesterday by Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the Papal Almoner, reported Vatican News.

The Cardinal arrived in Lviv on Sunday and has delivered the ambulance donated by Pope Francis for children injured in the ongoing war in Ukraine. It will be assigned to the Regional Center for Mother and Child Health.

In a concrete sign of closeness, support, and help to the Ukrainian population experiencing great suffering because of war, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, who heads the Office of Papal Charities, has brought a fully equipped ambulance to Lviv.

Ukrainian authorities, who are providing for some  250,000 internally displaced people from war zones, received the gift from Pope Francis who had blessed the vehicle in the Vatican before its departure.

“It is a great privilege for me to hand over the special gift of the ambulance on behalf of the Holy Father”, said Cardinal Krajewski. “It has a symbolic value because the ambulance is used to save lives.

“The Pontiff is always the one who builds bridges, who brings peace, and this ambulance is specifically for the people who suffer but also represents the Holy Father embracing them. It is a way of saying: “‘ am close to you, I suffer with you and I ask and beg for peace for this country which is in great difficulty’. 

“I have already handed over this ambulance to the prefect of Lviv and he thanked me, he thanked the Holy Father and said that the ambulance is destined for the pediatric hospital to save the children who come from war areas.” the Cardinal explained.

One Ukrainian official said it was an important gift because the number of refugees in the area has increased significantly, Vatican News said:  “Thank you, Cardinal Krajewski! We thank Pope Francis for his prayers, for remembering Ukraine: it gives us strength! We want our next generation not to see war and to be healthy.”

This is the Cardinal’s second visit to Ukraine since the outbreak of the war to bring Pope Francis’ closeness and support to those enduring the conflict. From March 6-12 he went to Rivne, Zhovkva, and other conflict-affected places.