Cardinal: ‘World Needs Collaboration of Women’

In a Video-Message in the Pope’s Name for the Women’s Forum for the G7 and the G20

World Needs Collaboration of Women
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“Our world needs the collaboration of women, their leadership and abilities, as well as their intuition and dedication,” stressed Cardinal Pietro Parolin. In representation of Pope Francis, the Cardinal who is Secretary of Vatican State addressed a video message to Chiara Corazza, Special Representative of the Women’s Forum for the G7 and the G20, on the occasion of the meeting of the Women’s Forum G20 Italy. This event, being held at Milan’s Polytechnical, aims to raise awareness about the fundamental role played by women and their positive impact on post-COVID-19 efforts for social and economic recovery.

Recovery after the Pandemic

 Cardinal Parolin mentioned the present need for recovery after the dramatic experience caused by COVID-19, which shook humanity and left disastrous consequences. In this connection, it’s necessary that women, who were the ones that suffered most the consequences of the pandemic, take part in the reactivation.

In the video message, the Vatican Secretary of State recalled that in 1995 Saint John Paul II pointed out the need for women’s greater participation in the grave problems of the future, which “will oblige  to rethink systems in favor of the processes of humanization that configure the “Civilization of Love.’”

The Cardinal also pointed out how Pope Francis often emphasizes the “irreplaceable contribution of women in the building of a world that can be a home for all,” acknowledging their capacity to promote that sense of “altruism” necessary “in the efforts to take care of our common home and in the fight against the disturbing logic” of immediate profit.

Solidarity and Reciprocity

 Solidarity and reciprocity between women and men are “vital for society,” continued Cardinal Parolin. “With their respective specificities, all are called to embrace their common vocation to be active builders of society,” he added. This requires a change of paradigm in social life, “guided by a renewed sense of humanity and by the profound dignity that characterizes every human person.”

Finally, the video message ends with a stimulus addressed in Pope Francis’ name so that every woman in the world “has access to quality education,” is able to develop “her potential and talents,” and play her role in the progress of “cohesive societies.”

Women’s Forum G20 in Italy

 As pointed out on its Webpage, the objective of the Women’s Forum G20 in Italy is to highlight women’s voices and visions to guarantee a true “She-covery” for all: women must be the protagonists, co-creating together with men the new world that humanity needs.

Created in 2005 and with headquarters in Paris and global influence, the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society is the main international action platform to highlight women’s voice and vision.

The Forum attempts to give innovative solutions to the urgent challenges concerning humanity as a whole: economic empowerment, inclusive technology, climate change, and access to health. Hence they consider that the world’s most powerful economies must give example by mobilizing women’s leadership and giving back to them not only a sustainable economic recovery but also dignity and justice for all.

Translation by Virginia M. Forrester