Feminism is the suicide of humanity

A wrong path


Feminism is said to be the most important destructive system in history. And it is, insofar as it destroys the role of women as the basis and foundation of the family, as the basis and foundation of society, and the reproduction of the species. Destroyed all this, feminism therefore destroys the entire human species.

One of the neuroses that current feminism has is that it tends a lot towards emotionality, and they have also allowed themselves to be carried away by this culture of the media, especially television, of following murders and rapes for 24 hours a day. Feminism has been carried away by all that is current, and that emotionality does not help reasoning, to set limits.

Feminism talks about the dictatorship of patriarchy in the West, which is currently unsustainable. We cannot compare women in Spain with women in Iran. Furthermore, it would be like denying or despising everything we have achieved in democracy: the laws, the rights, the participation of women in all social stages that were previously unthinkable.

Radical feminism is born in contrast to liberal feminism. The latter describes the situation of women as inequality, while radical feminism considers it oppression. Likewise, while liberal feminism advocates for the emancipation of women through legal equality, radical feminism recognizes itself as revolutionary and understands that the oppressions suffered by women are much more complex. Eliminating them requires change at all levels of society.

This destructive feminism abhors men, who exist to exploit women, while they are presented as the defenseless victim whom the State must protect and promote, since she alone is incapable. So it is necessary to defend women from men, with discriminatory gender violence laws that especially criminalize men in family conflicts, with mandatory quotas for women in the administration and management of companies and institutions, regardless of their capacity.

The highest function that a human being can assume, which is to GIVE LIFE, form and educate new human beings in positive and true values, has been replaced by feminism and eliminated to make way for a woman producer/consumer/slave , either from the State with communism, or from the worst of globalist capitalism, which is the one we live in now.

It is easy to see that a human being without a family, all his ties broken, isolated, abducted by screens, enslaved by his passions, chained by technology, such an individual is the most manipulable and docile being that history has known.

Feminism, in its ideological progressivism, denies what is natural when it is convenient and affirms it when it serves other purposes. Postmodern progressivism denies nature when it defends abortion and euthanasia, and when it imposes certain ideologies by force of arms, or money, or both on individuals. But, on the other hand, it idolizes nature when it seeks the extinction of human beings so that they do not contaminate the planet.

A tremendous nonsense.

Juan Andrés Segura – Enraizados Collaborator