“FREE” becomes the most viewed documentary

In Spain so far this year

Entering its fourth week in theaters, the documentary “Free” continues to surprise in theaters since its release on April 21st, becoming the most watched documentary so far this year.

After analyzing the stadistics published daily on the film statistics platform Comscore, it can be affirmed that “Free” is really breaking schemes and is approaching 50,000 viewers. Already on more than four occasions, the film has been positioned among the top 10 films at the national level.

In order to be seen also in cities where hundreds of people have requested the film, monasteries, seminaries, auditoriums, among others, have also served as improvised movie theaters.

This weekend, for example, it will arrive in Zaragoza at the house of the Religiosas Angélicas and in Huesca at the Salesian Theater, tickets are available at boscoencuentros.com.

“Free” will continue in theaters and continues to enter new cities in the country, to know the theaters go to www.libreslapelicula.com



The human being is a perfect symbiosis of body, mind and soul.

FREE is a journey into the interior of man in which we have obtained permission to enter and talk to people who rarely utter a word and places that remain closed to the world: THE MONASTERIES.

This is our opportunity to know what leads a person in the XXI century to decide to lock himself within four walls for the rest of his life.
How is his day to day life, his motivations, his connection with pure Nature and his outer life, which has a lot to do with his inner life.


BOSCO FILMS is a company born in 2017 with the idea of bringing fresh air to the film industry. It seeks films of high artistic quality, with stories that defend human values. Its interest is the cinema that invites to grow and bring out the best in everyone, the cinema that leaves a mark on the viewer as the most robust of trees: fresh, alive and at the same time remains firm in the face of the passage of time.  At the end of 2021 it begins international distribution by closing direct agreements with theaters in 15 Latin American countries. In 2022, it begins its first title “ALIVE” in the United States.

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