“God speaks to us, especially through the Holy Scriptures”

The Holy Father’s words after the Marian prayer

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“Let us rediscover with wonder the fact that God speaks to us, especially through the Sacred Scriptures,” Pope Francis said after the Angelus prayer this Sunday, 22 January 2023, the Day of the Word of God, to the pilgrims and faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square.

These were the Pope’s words after the Marian prayer, as the Holy See Press Office reported.

The Pope’s words after the Angelus

Dear brothers and sisters!

This Third Sunday of Ordinary Time is dedicated in a special way to the Word of God. Let us rediscover with awe the fact that God speaks to us, especially through the Sacred Scriptures. Let us read them, study them, meditate on them, pray over them. Let us read a passage from the Bible every day, especially from the Gospel. Jesus speaks to us there, he enlightens us, he guides us. And I remind you of something I have said other times: Let’s have a small Gospel, a pocket-size Gospel, to take in your bag, always with us. And when there is a moment during the day, read something from the Gospel. It is Jesus who accompanies us. So, a small pocket-size Gospel always with us.

Today I would like to express my wish for peace and every good to all those in the Far East, and in various parts of the world, who are celebrating the Lunar New Year. Nevertheless, on this joyous occasion, I cannot fail to mention my spiritual nearness to those who are going through difficult times due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the hope that these present difficulties might soon be overcome. Lastly, I hope that the kindness, sensitivity, solidarity and harmony that are being experienced in the families who are reunited in these days as is customary, might ever more permeate and characterize our family and social relationships so as to live a serene and happy life. Happy New Year!

Sadly, my thought turns in particular to Myanmar, where the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption in the Village of Can Thar – one  of the most ancient and important places of worship in the country – was burned and destroyed. I am close to the helpless civilian population subject to severe trials in many cities. Please God that this conflict will soon come to an end, opening a new period of forgiveness, love and peace. Let us pray together to Our Lady for Myanmar. [Recitation of the Hail Mary…]

I also invite you to pray that the acts of violence in Peru might cease. Violence quenches the hope for a just solution to problems. I encourage all the parties involved to undertake the path of dialogue as brothers of the same nation, in full respect for human rights and the rule of law. I join the Peruvian Bishops in saying: ¡No a la violencia, venga de donde venga! ¡No más muertes! [No to violence wherever it comes from! No more deaths!] There are Peruvians in the Square….

Positive signs are coming from Cameroon that bring the hope of progress toward the resolution of the conflict in the English-speaking regions. I encourage all the parties who have signed the Agreement to persevere on the path of dialogue and mutual understanding, for only through encounter can the future be designed.

I extend my greeting to all of you, those from Italy and other countries. I greet the pilgrims from Spalato, Warsaw – there are many Poles I see because of the flags – and Mérida-Badajoz (Spain), as well as those from Ascoli Piceno, Montesilvano and Gela; the group from Guardian Angel School, Alessandria; those from Gioventù Ardente Mariana [Fervent Marian Youth] from Rome; and members of the Association of Catholic Psychologists.

In these days, as we pray in particular for the full unity of all Christians, please, let us not forget, to pray for peace for war-torn Ukraine. May the Lord comfort and sustain that people who are suffering so much! They are suffering so much!

I wish all of you a good Sunday. Even the young people of the Immaculata. And please do not forget to pray for me. Enjoy your lunch and arrivederci.