Good Wishes to Italian President Mattarella for His Re-election

Your Service Is Even More Essential to Transmit Serenity to the Country, Says the Holy Father

Italian President Mattarella
(C) Vatican Media

Both the Holy Father and the leader of the Italian Episcopal Conference expressed their satisfaction over the re-election of Sergio Mattarella as President of the Republic. Immediately after the eighth round of voting, which certified Mattarella’s election as the most voted in the Republic’s history after Pertini, the Pope sent the following congratulatory telegram to the Head of State.

The Pope’s Telegram

 I wish to express my warm congratulations for your re-election to the supreme office of the Italian Republic and my best wishes for the unfolding of your lofty task, which you accepted with a generous willing spirit. In these times characterized by the pandemic, in which many hardships and uncertainties have multiplied, especially in the working environment, and along with poverty fear has also

increased, which leads to closing oneself, your service is even more essential to consolidate unity and transmit serenity to the country.

I assure you of my prayers so that you can continue to sustain the dear Italian people in building an ever more fraternal coexistence and encourage them to face the future with hope. May Italy’s Patron Saints accompany you and intercede for you.

Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti’s Message

 Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, Archbishop of Perugia and President of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI), also sent a warm message to President Mattarella.

Most Illustrious President, the Constitution assigns to the Head of State the task to represent national unity. In the past seven years, you have given limpid witness of this Constitutional prerogative, translated in the Message to the Parliament in the swearing-in day (February 3, 2015), with the effective image of “arbiter, the guarantor of the Constitution.”

In greeting respectfully and heartfelt satisfaction your re-election as President of the Republic, in virtue of a large majority vote of the Parliament in joint session, I express, in the name of the Church that is in Italy, the hope that your mandate can unfold in the sign of those values of freedom and solidarity contained in the Constitutional Charter, of which you have always been an active and rigorous guarantor.

Your example as man and statesman, the spirit of service and sacrifice manifested also in the present circumstance, are a reference point for all the citizens beyond political memberships and alignments.

I am certain that in the exercise of your lofty task you will not cease to contribute to the overcoming of inequalities and fractures that wound the fabric of the national community and that have become more acute given the yet ongoing pandemic emergency.

I assure you of the prayer of the Church that is in Italy, confirming the most loyal collaboration in the promotion of the dignity of the human person and in the pursuit of the country’s good.

In past days, presiding over CEI’s Permanent Council, and then in the final press release, Cardinal Bassetti and the Italian Bishops hoped that the election would result in the election of a figure that could carry out the role as Mattarella did. Understandable, hence, is the satisfaction expressed over the confirmation of the President.

Translation by Virginia M. Forrester