Hungry love

Father Ángel Espinosa de los Monteros


Father Ángel Espinosa de los Monteros brings Exaudi readers the theme “Hungry Love” in his Reflections section.


Says an anonymous author, “the love that feeds on gifts is always hungry.”

Let’s talk first for the bride and groom, for the husbands, first for the bride and groom. You are going to conquer a woman or a man with gifts that are the gift of your look, your smile, your affection. Shake his hand on the street, give him your time, give him calls, give him messages. How many things to give away? Give him honest, sincere compliments that come from the depths of your soul.

On the other hand, we are barely dating, and I already gave you a diamond, I gave you some shoes of I don’t know what price, an impressive bag. You know you are creating wonderful expectations: as a girlfriend, she bought me a bag for 40-50,000 pesos, well, let’s talk in dollars, 2,000. And we are boyfriends. As a couple, he took me to the most expensive restaurants in the city. As a couple, he gave me, simply because we had been dating for a few months, a spectacular vision. What awaits me in marriage? Wonderful. Did you know? Get married, get married for sure.

The love that feeds on gifts will always be hungry, and you will always be waiting: “And what this month? We’ve been there for three months and he hasn’t given me anything.” Give love, give looks, give affection, give respect, give purity, give all that.

Husband and wife, we are now one thing, you are now mine, I am yours, we now have a life, we now have children. Give a present? That? Give again love, affection, time, attention, forgiveness, tenderness. The gifts that never pass away, the gifts that you will always remember.

You give a watch, then it was stolen. You give a flower, there it is on the fireplace. You give a lot of flowers, they all wither after 5 days. Remember, the love that feeds on gifts is always hungry.

Last year on my birthday you gave me a trip, and this year we went to Europe, and this year a vase. What happened? The love that feeds on gifts is always hungry for things.

Let’s talk about the children. Give what you can to your children, and the more expensive the better. Provider dad, materialist dad, things mom. Give attention, give the gift of accompanying your child to see how he gets on a bicycle for the first time. Give him some skates, yes, but skate with him. That is, give him life, give him history, give him what you will always be able to give him.

I can always give you time. I can always go to the park with you, I can always have a coffee by your side, always. That’s no problem. I won’t always give you a trip to Europe, I won’t always change your car, I won’t always pay for a postgraduate degree abroad, not always. Of course not.

So, be careful because the love that feeds on gifts is always hungry. And so we could talk about friends, about employees. Give recognition, give affection, give security, give quotes secure employment. Don’t just be giving away bonuses and bonuses and bonuses, because then: “What about my bonus this month? What about my gift this month? What about my question this month?” I think we already understood each other perfectly. The best gift is the one that comes from the heart. It is time, it is a word, it is gratitude, it is recognition, it is trust between husband and wife, it is love, it is intimacy, it is a caress, it is time.

Between couples, it is respect, it is security, always fidelity. That beauty! The love that feeds on gifts is always hungry. The love that is fed by details, by service, by understanding, by charity, by forgiveness, will never be hungry because that can be given every day.

Let us do all the good we can, and may God bless you always.

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