III Global Uniservitate Symposium

A multicultural meeting that will bring together leaders of the field of education in Rome

Uniservitate, a global program that seeks to promote the formalization of innovative education with a focus on solidarity service and learning in Catholic Institutions of Higher Education, and LUMSA University are organizing the III Global Uniservitate Symposium, a multicultural meeting that will bring together leading specialists in the field of education and participants from all around the world. Registrations to participate in person and online – through the streaming provided by the YouTube channels of LUMSA in Italian, CLAYSS in Spanish, and Uniservitate in English – will be open until Wednesday, October 26th.

Under the theme “Solidarity Service – Learning and Global Educational Pact: Educating for Fraternity in Higher Education”, on October 27th and 28th, 2022, more than 30 Catholic Institutions of Higher Education from 26 countries of the five continents will participate in the event that seeks to promote an integral formation and actively involve the new generations with the problems of our time. This third meeting, which is free and open to the public, and which will be held in person for the first time, stands out for its great cultural richness.

María Nieves Tapia, director of CLAYSS explains: “This third edition of the Global Symposium will allow us to reflect and debate with a plurality of voices, but above all to share concrete experiences that already show new ways of teaching, learning, researching and linking with the community. In the simultaneous sessions, the major issues facing the Global Education Pact will enter into dialogue with experiences from all over the world that are already trying to respond to them. We look forward to inspiring each other, building bridges, and continuing to weave an ever-expanding network.”

During these two intensive days of thematic panels and multiple activities, educational leaders, directors, teachers, and students from public and private Catholic universities from all over the world will have the opportunity to exchange experiences, reflect and debate on the role of educational institutions in addressing the problems of their environments and society as a whole, as well as in the integral formation of leaders committed to their community. The meeting will include conferences, round tables with debates among various speakers, sessions, and workshops. All activities will be interpreted in English and Spanish.

The meeting also proposes to give prominence to universities with social commitment, which have been able to develop virtual and face-to-face programs in the context of pandemics and provide a space to share how to innovate in university life, implementing solidarity service and learning practices that allow them to integrate academic learning with concrete actions of transformation of students and the community as a whole. 

As one of the leading institutions in teaching, employment, research, and student experience, LUMSA University of Rome contributes to the strengthening of society. For Maria Cinque, director of the School of Higher Education EIS (Educate to Encounter and Solidarity) of LUMSA University, “this symposium is a great opportunity to learn about and deepen good practices that articulate academic education and solidarity action, thus favoring the integral formation of students as responsible citizens, critical and creative protagonists, with a vision of the future.”

The Uniservitate program has a global network in constant expansion, an international research team, and institutional support plans implemented from regional nodes, strategically distributed in the 5 continents. This third edition of the Symposium will focus on the following thematic areas: 1. Dignity and Human Rights; 2. Fraternity and Cooperation; 3. Technology and Integral Ecology; 4. Peace and Citizenship; 5. Cultures and Religions.

This meeting will also be the ideal space to make known the protagonists of the best solidarity service-learning projects in higher education, recognized by the global Uniservitate Award 2022 and led by students, professors, and solidarity communities from seven regions of the world: Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and Oceania, Northern Western Europe, Southern Western Europe, United States and Canada, Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

The experiences submitted were evaluated on a regional level, taking into account their quality, replicability, and ability to inspire other initiatives. The Uniservitate Award distributed a total of 84,000 Euros, which were destined to give continuity to the awarded projects or to initiate others. In each region, 2 prizes of 5,000 euros each and 2 mentions of 1,000 euros were awarded.

“The Award gives visibility to a hopeful panorama of the contribution of universities to the life of their communities, through the enthusiasm of their students and the application of academic knowledge in the service of the transformation of reality”, assures María Rosa Tapia, coordinator of the Uniservitate – CLAYSS Program.

More information about the III Uniservitate Global Symposium 

👉 https://www.uniservitate.org/iii-global-symposium-uniservitate/
👉 27th and 28th October programme

About Uniservitate: Uniservitate is a global programme for Service-Learning promotion in Catholic Higher Education Institutions (CHEIs). It is an initiative of Porticus and is coordinated by CLAYSS (Latin American Center for Service-Learning). Its objective is to generate a systemic change through the institutionalization of Service-Learning (SL) as a tool for higher education institutions to fulfill their mission of offering a comprehensive education to new generations and involving them in an active commitment to the problems of our time. Uniservitate’s global network is present in 26 countries on 5 continents through partnerships with more than 30 universities and higher education institutions. More information: https://www.uniservitate.org/what-is-uniservitate