Italian Ambassador Presents His Credentials To The Pope

Francesco Di Nitto

Italian Ambassador
The Pope with the Italian ambassador to the Holy See © Vatican Media

On the morning of Saturday, February 19, 2022, Pope Francis received Francesco Di Nitto, Italian ambassador to the Holy See, in audience on the occasion of the presentation of his Letters of Credence. The event was reported by the Vatican Press Office.

 Francesco Di Nitto is 59. He was born on June 19, 1962, in Rome. He has a degree in Economics and Commerce from Luiss University. Before working at the Quirinale, from May 2011 he was Deputy Diplomatic Adviser to the President of the Council, at the time Mario Monti. In his work at the Presidency of the Republic, he worked with the Director of the Office for Diplomatic Affairs, Antonio Zanardi Landi, who in turn was Ambassador to the Holy See from 2004 to 2010.

Also head of Office II of the General Secretariat (2006), First Counselor of the Embassy to the Holy See (2007-2011), Deputy Diplomatic Counselor to the President of the Council of Ministers (2011-2013), Deputy Diplomatic Counselor in the Secretariat General of the Presidency of the Republic – Office of Diplomatic Affairs (2013 – 2022).

For the new Ambassador, it means a return to the Borromeo Palace, where he had been already from November 2007 to 2011 as the Embassy’s First Adviser. In his rich Curriculum, he also boasts of the post, in the nineties, of Consul in Jerusalem.

Nitti replaces Pietro Sebastiani. The change of guard at the Borromeo Palace was announced, in fact, before Christmas. It was the President of the Republic himself, during his farewell visit, to present informally to Pope Francis the next Italian representative, Ambassador Francesco Di Nitto. In fact, Di Nitto accompanied President Mattarella in his capacity of Deputy Diplomatic Adviser to the Presidency of the Republic. Di Nitto has been working at the Quirinale Palace since 2013.

Sebastiani, who will be 65 in March, is married to Maria Cristina Finucci, artist, architect, and designer. They have four children and five grandchildren. The Ambassador has been at the head of the Italian delegation to the Holy See since September 21, 2017. In over four years he has been a promoter of numerous cultural initiatives, which also contributed to enhancing the Borromeo Palace, headquarters of the Italian diplomatic delegation. Sebastiani has been in diplomacy since 1984 and has held numerous posts, including that of Ambassador in Spain. He was quite clear about his future in a Tweet: “Retirement awaits me very soon.”