JUST IN: Pope to Resume August General Audiences in Vatican’s Paul VI Hall

As Is Customary

Pope at General Audience in Aula Paolo VI - Copyright: Vatican Media

Pope Francis’ General Audiences will resume with the presence of some faithful this Wednesday, August 4th, from inside the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall.

The Holy See Press Office communicated this to accredited journalists today, Aug. 2, 2021. No specific comments or information was given other than announcing the venue and location

The Pope did not hold General Audiences during July as popes generally ‘take off’ that month, other than their weekly Sunday Angelus address from the window overlooking St. Peter’s Square.

However, always in continuity with the past, the Holy Father is resuming his General Audiences in August, and again from inside Paul VI, due to the intense August Roman heat.

In the past, prior to the pandemic, General Audiences were held in St. Peter’s Square, or in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall. Since the pandemic, they often were streamed privately in the Pope’s apostolic library, and at times, when in line with health authorities’ recommendations that some gathering was safe, it was held with some faithful in the Courtyard of San Damaso.