Mindove: an innovative project that unites humanistic psychology and Christian belief system

On the eve of the feast of the Immaculate Conception, they are launching a cutting-edge technology application that combines humanistic psychology with the values of the Catholic faith.

We hear more and more about mental health and well-being, and the advances in this field are undeniable. But perhaps one more step was missing: integrating Christian spirituality into our mental health.

With this in mind, Mindove was born, a mental health care project that offers an unprecedented approach: fusing humanistic psychology with the values of the Christian faith, following the principles of Catholic Therapy.

An urgent need

According to the World Health Organisation, mental health problems will be the leading cause of disability in the world by 2030. In a world where there are over 1.3 billion Catholics, many of whom struggle and will struggle with a mental health disorder.

It is in this context that Mindove was born, where there is a growing need for psychological care that respects and integrates the Christian beliefs of patients. “I have witnessed the existence of an unmet demand, of many patients asking for psychologists who can understand their beliefs and integrate them into therapy,” revealed Dr Mercedes Vallenilla, founder of Mindove, about the origin of this initiative.

Mariana Calleja experienced first-hand the need for therapy that integrates one’s religious convictions. “I was treated by 6 or 7 specialists in psychology and psychiatry and I underwent spiritual healing processes, until I finally found a Catholic psychologist, and I can affirm that what the world and the Church need today is a model of integral accompaniment (psycho-spiritual) with an adequate (scientific) foundation, which integrates and respects our faith in order to be able to heal”. This experience led her to take a step forward and she is now one of the co-founders of Mindove.

Technology at the service of holistic wellness

Mindove capitalises on the experience accumulated over more than 12 years by Psicología Católica Integral, the pioneering project that has been providing virtual psychological care to Spanish speakers around the world since 2005. “The launch of Mindove marks a natural expansion and evolution of Psicología Católica Integral,” said Laureano Gutiérrez, co-founder and director of Mindove.

The presentation of this new application comes on the eve of one of the most important feast days for Catholics: the Immaculate Conception of Mary. A coincidence full of intention: “We want to place this new project under the mantle of the Immaculate Conception, so that she can help us to take care of the integral wellbeing and mental health of all patients,” said Laureano Gutiérrez.

Mindove has the highest quality standards to provide patients with the best possible service. A web app that will allow access to the psychologist’s professional profile, to know the opinion of other users, and to schedule visits in a simple and intuitive way. “For Mindove we put together a diverse team of more than 30 highly trained and carefully selected Catholic psychologists. They come from and reside in various countries, including Mexico, Colombia, USA, Venezuela, Guatemala and Chile. They have been chosen for their commitment to mental health and their academic and professional training in psychology,” added Laureano Gutiérrez, who has been working on the launch of this initiative for several years.

A revolution in mental health care

Mindove seeks to revolutionise mental health care. It is the first formal platform for Catholics designed with cutting-edge technology that allows Catholic psychologists to practice their profession from their belief system with solid scientific backing. It is not simply a directory of psychologists, but each one goes through a rigorous selection process that is endorsed by Mindove’s professionals, thus certifying their professionalism.

“There are many Catholics who wish to be seen by a Catholic psychologist, but it is not so easy to find one. They are often miles away or in another country. That’s why virtual psychology is an alternative that makes life easier for patients,” says Laureano, one of the co-founders. Thanks to the new platform, Mindove patients will have access to expert care from the comfort of their own home. Through Mindove’s web app, one-hour, bi-weekly or weekly online therapy sessions for individuals, couples or family support are offered in secure and reliable videoconferencing rooms certified by Hippa Compliant for virtual mental health care.

In a world where mental health is a challenge, Mindove removes the barriers that prevent Christians, or anyone in need of help, from receiving specialised care based on the values of faith. Depression, anxiety, addictions, family and marital problems are critical challenges that Mindove is committed to addressing.


About Mindove

Mindove is an organisation that provides a holistic service to seek the mental and spiritual well-being of its patients, integrating humanistic psychology with the values of the Christian faith. Founded in 2023 by Dr. Mercedes Vallenilla, the entity has a large team of certified Catholic psychologists who help Christian patients, or anyone who requests it, to achieve their integral wellbeing. Its online platform – which has the highest standards of quality therapeutic care – is set to revolutionise the landscape of online Catholic psychology. The integration of faith in mental health care, from a psychological and spiritual approach, and the professionalism of the psychologists are the two major differentiating elements of Mindove. More information: www.mindove.org

Laureano Gutiérrez

Mariana Calleja
Director, Amenity Programme