Nativity of Mary: Fulfillment of Promises

Happy Birthday, Mother!

Nativity of Mary
Giotto: Birth of the Virgin

Father Gonzalo Martin shares with Exaudi’s readers this article on the Nativity of Mary, celebrated every September 8.

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The Gospels say little or nothing about the Birth of the Virgin Mary, although the apocryphal Gospels echo this event. However, the wise intuition of the Christian people makes this salvific event commemorated in villages and cities under different and varied advocacies. To commemorate the Birth of the Virgin Mary is to celebrate that the Divine makes Himself human and that the promises of salvation begin to be fulfilled and realized through this Birth.

While the world continued to give importance to other events, God opened the way for the fulfillment of the Messianic promises, drawing close to Joaquin and Anne to bless them in their sterility and to grant them the sacred gift of life, generating gloriously and holily and giving Birth to Her who would be joy for the world because the preparation was underway for the Birth of the Son of God Himself.

Therefore, the Nativity of the Virgin Mary is a special day of joy, making a reality what the prophets announced, becoming that “ladder” that joined Heaven and earth (Acts 28:12) and, at the same time, that “closed door” (Ezekiel 44:2) that only God could pass through to visit and liberate His people.

Saint John Damascene said: “the day of Mary’s Nativity is a festival of universal joy, as the whole human race was renewed through Her, and Mother Eve’s affliction turned into joy.”

The Liturgy of this day highlights the fact that Mary is born to be the “House of God” and the “Door of Heaven,” symbolizing the union between the divine and the human, therefore, She will be called Blessed from generation to generation, as we hear in the text of the Magnificat.

 We could say, without the possibility of a mistake, that the Virgin Mary’s Birth reminds us very concretely, that God has chosen us from all eternity for a mission.

Mary’s mission began on the day of Her Birth, as it was through Her that God became incarnate and came down to earth. Mary became the instrument for the Saviour’s arrival.

Therefore, we see the feast of the Virgin Mary’s Nativity as the epiphany of the New Covenant, substituting as new spiritual Temple the old stone Temple where bloody sacrifices took place. Mary becomes that abode, full of benevolence to give room in Herself, as symbol of the Church, to the Son of God Himself.

The Virgin Mary’s Nativity is a pre-announcement of the Redemption, the regeneration of fallen humanity as, with the Birth of the new Eve (Mary), the new Adam (Christ) is generated.

As Christians, we must celebrate the Birth of the Virgin Mary with great joy, because from Her came the Sun of Justice, Christ, our God.

If in our family life we celebrate with enthusiasm the gift of life, when our birthdays come around, with what greater reason must we celebrate September 8 with Christian joy, commemorating the Birth of our Mother.

Saint Bonaventure said: God can make a better world, but He cannot make a more perfect mother than the Mother of God.

May the whole Church rejoice over the Nativity of Mary, who is hope for the world and aura of salvation, free of sin and full of grace.

Congratulations, Mary! With your Nativity, all our yearnings and the promises of salvation begin to be fulfilled.

Happy Birthday, Mother!

Translation by Virginia M. Forrester