Opening Day of Social Doctrine Management

Promoted by Rome’s “Tor Vergata” University of Studies

Opening Day Management

The opening day of the 4th Edition of the Master’s in Management of Organizations and the Social Doctrine of the Church, promoted by Rome’s “Tor Vergata” University of Studies was held at 10:30 am on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy to the Holy See. The event was held in the cloister and garden of the Palazzo Borromeo, headquarters of the Embassy.

“Build Hope for the Future. The Role of Complex Organizations” was the theme of the reflection, animated by leaders of the academic and economic world and that of institutions. “Hope is an indispensable value today for a formation inspired in the Social Teaching of the Church, which should be as concrete as possible and an entrepreneurship that is expression of moral courage, said Professor Paola Paniccia, the Master’s Coordinator.

The Master’s is born of the remains of the Course of Improvement in “the Social Doctrine of the Church for Economic and Social Development,” activated in the academic year 2013/2014 and is the only one in the picture of the secular Athenaeums in Italy and Europe on topics of the Social Doctrine of the Church applied to the Economy and Management and which awards 60 University credits.  The Master’s objective is to form professional figures able to put themselves at the service of the civil society covering responsible roles in government and in the management of complex organizations, with particular reference to businesses and public administrations. The Master’s offers an inter-disciplinary formative course that combines technical-specialist knowledge, ethical significance, and human values to promote a business culture where reciprocity, gratuitousness, and trust generate positive inter-connections and values, both economic and social.

The Master’s lasts a year and is articulated in six teachings that provide moments of interaction in the class, seminar, workshops, and testimonies. The formation is completed by a stage of 400 hours in various profit and non-profit enterprises, public entities, associations, and other organizations of the Third sector, as a concrete opportunity to approach the job market.

The Master’s docent corps is made up of 80 persons between Professors and Researchers from different disciplinary areas of Rome’s “Tor Vergata” Athenaeum and docents of other Athenaeums, entrepreneurs, managers, and experts, including high profile Religious.

For additional information on the Master’s write to [email protected], visiting the Internet site.

Intervening on the opening day were: Pietro Sebastiani (Italy’s Ambassador to the Holy See); Cardinal Silvano Maria Tomasi (Special Delegate to the Sovereign Order of Malta), Orazio Schillaci (Rector of Rome’s “Tor Vergata” University of Studies; Paola Paniccia (Coordinator of the Master’s MODSC), Roberto Cafferatta (Founder of the Master’s and Past President of AIDEA, Luigi Paganetto (President of the “Tor Vergata” Economy Foundation. Gian Luca Galletti (President of UCID), Mario Risso (Niccolo Cusano University of Studies), Leonardo Becchetti (Rome’s “Tor Vergata” University), Grammenos Mastrojeni (Vice-General Secretary of the Union for the Mediterranean, Responsible for Climate Action), Valeria Vittimberga (Central Credit Director, Welfare and Social Structures, INPS), Federico D’Urso (Master Learner MODSC) and Father Mauro Oliva (Chaplain of the Research Entities of the Ministry of the University and Research).

The event can be followed live on the Facebook page of the Embassy of Italy to the Holy See @ItalyToHolySee and of the Master MODSC @MODSCTORVERGATA.