Pontifical Swiss Guard Has A New Vice Commander

Appointed by Pope Francis

New Vice Commander
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On December 31, 2021, Pope Francis appointed Loïc Rossier new Vice Commander of the Pontifical Swiss Guard with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, stated a press release of the Holy See Press Office. Moreover, from today Vice-Corpora Manuel von Däniken takes up service in the new post of media management of the Vatican Security Corps, who substitutes in this function Lieutenant Urs Breitenmoser, to whom has been entrusted the leadership of the first team of the Swiss Guards.

Pope’s Gratitude to the Swiss Guards

 Last May Pope Francis received in audience — in the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace –, the new recruits of the Pontifical Swiss Guard, accompanied by their parents, who took the oath the following afternoon in Saint Damasus Courtyard. “As you well know, the functions of the Swiss Guard, while having a military character, constitute a special service to the Supreme Pontiff and to the Apostolic See for the benefit of the entire Church. Hence, a reason of great appreciation is, in fact, that young men choose to dedicate some years of their existence in generous availability to the Successor of Peter and to the Ecclesial Community,” said the Pope. Moreover, the Holy Father recalled that “sometimes the Lord calls some of you to follow Him on the path of the priesthood or of consecrated life, finding a cultivated ready terrain, in fact, during the time of service in the Guard. Others, instead, follow the conjugal vocation and form their own family. With you, I thank the Lord, source of every good, for the diverse gifts and various vocations that He entrusts to you and I pray also so that all those that now begin their service can respond fully to Christ’s call, following Him with faithful generosity.”

Translation by Virginia M. Forrester