Pope Greets Group of Faithful in Vatican Basilica

Before the General Audience

Group of Faithful
The Pope greets a group of faithful before the general audience Nov. 24. © Vatican Media

Before initiating the General Audience today, November 24, 2021, Pope Francis greeted — in the Vatican  —  a group of faithful from different parishes in Italy, Catholic Associations, families, students, and couples.

The Holy Father met in Saint Peter’s Basilica with participants in the Pilgrimage of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, organized by Italy’s Vincentian Family, and with pilgrims of the John Paul II Association of Bisceglie and with representatives of the Italian Association of Victims of Violence. ”I’m pleased to receive you in this Basilica and to give each of you my warm welcome,” he said to those present.

The Pope greeted in the first place the Vincentian Family of the whole of Italy, “which promoted the pilgrimage of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in all Italy’s regions, including the dioceses and parishes. In these months of pandemic, your mission has brought hope, enabling many to experience God’s mercy.”

The Pontiff thought particularly of “people that are alone, of the sick in hospitals, of those living in prisons, of hospitality centers, and of the existential peripheries.” And he thanked the Vincentian Family for giving witness of the ‘Church going forth,’ which reaches all, beginning with the excluded and the marginalized. Continue on this path and open yourselves increasingly to the action of the Holy Spirit, who gives you the strength to proclaim the novelty of the Gospel with courage,” he said to them.

The Successor of Peter addresses the pilgrims of the John Paul II Association, saying “Dear friends, imitate the example of this Holy Pontiff and make an effort to understand and receive the love of God, source, and reason of our true joy. In communion with your Pastors, proclaim Christ with your life, in the family, and in all environments.”

Finally, the Pontiff addressed the Italian Association of Victims of Violence: “Dear brothers and sisters, I thank you for your work of assistance and support to those that have been mistreated and live in anguish and unrest.”

“Violence is ugly; a violent attitude is very ugly. With your important work, you contribute to building a more just and solidary society. May your example inspire in all a renewed commitment so that the victims of violence are protected and their suffering is taken into account and listened to,” he added.

“And thank you all for this visit, precisely in the Basilica! This is lovely . . . . I impart my cordial Blessing to each of you, which I extend to your families and your communities. Now I invite you to pray together to the Virgin, who is here with us,” he concluded.

Translation by Virginia M. Forrester