Pope Prays God Welcomes Deceased & Comforts Loved Ones of Victims Killed in Indonesia, East Timor Floods

During General Audience

Pope at General Audience in Library - Copyright: Vatican Media
Pope at General Audience in Library - Copyright: Vatican Media

“I want to assure a remembrance in prayer for the victims of the flooding in these past days that has hit Indonesia and East Timor. May the Lord welcome the deceased, comfort their families and support those who have lost their homes.”

During the General Audience on Wednesday, April 7, 2021, Pope Francis assured these prayers for the victims of last week’s floods in the two southeast Asian nations.

According to recent media reports, last weekend’s severe storm caused floods and flash floods that affected eastern Indonesia and the small nation of East Timor. To date, the local authorities count the number of dead at 86 and the number of missing at 98.

Emergency teams are trying to reach regions that are still isolated, as well as providing assistance to the thousands affected and some 8,000 evacuees.  There are areas, for Indonesian rescuers, that are difficult to access, which can only be reached by sea, a difficult alternative given the strong winds and the surges buffeting the area.

Authorities are still working to assess the damages and the number of victims.