Pope’s Prayer to Saint Joseph in Face of Life’s Adversities

Proposal During the General Audience

Pope’s Prayer to Saint Joseph
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At the end of his catechesis in today’s General Audience, on Wednesday, December 29, 2021, Pope Francis proposed a prayer to Saint Joseph, in face of life’s adversities, to trust in God’s Providence.

His Holiness explained that “the lesson Joseph leaves us today is the following: life has adversities in store for us, this is true and, in face of them, we can feel threatened, afraid, but to draw out the worst of us, as Herod did, isn’t the way to overcome certain moments, but acting as Joseph, who in face of fear reacts with the courage, to trust in God’s Providence.”

Thus the Holy Father considers it necessary today  “a prayer for all migrants, for all the persecuted and for all those that are victims of adverse circumstances: be it for political, historical or personal circumstances. However, let’s think of the many people, victims of war, who want to flee from their homeland and cannot. Let’s think of migrants initiating that journey to be free and many of whom end up on the street or in the sea; let’s think of Jesus fleeing, in Joseph and Mary’s arms, and let’s see in Him each one of today’s migrants. The current migration is a reality in face of which we cannot close our eyes. It’s a social scandal of humanity,” he said, before proposing the following prayer.

Here is the full prayer to Saint Joseph.

* * *

Saint Joseph,

You who experienced the suffering of those that must flee

To save the life of their dear ones,

Protect all those fleeing due to war, hatred, hunger.

Sustain them in their difficulties,

Strengthen them in hope and have them find hospitality and solidarity.

Guide their steps and open the hearts of those that can help them. Amen.

Translation by Virginia M. Forrester