Enraizados publishes its Electoral Report for the Europeans based on the Non-Negotiable Principles of Benedict XVI and asks to vote conscientiously

The study demonstrates the polarization of society. There is up to 41 points
of difference between the best-rated match and the worst


The Enraizados Foundation has prepared a detailed study comparing the electoral programs of the different political parties based on the Non-Negotiable Principles of Benedict XVI and the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church.

The Report reveals the division – in terms of ethics and morals, principles and values ​​- in which Spaniards find themselves immersed: “Just look at the difference in scores between the party that governs Spain and the one that is closest to Christian criteria where Europe was created. Between the PSOE (-20) and VOX (+21) there is a chasm, up to 41 points of difference,” explained the president of Enraizados, José Castro Velarde.

“While the PSOE focuses on the 2030 Agenda, climate change, and the application of gender ideology in all its aspects, VOX strives to defend Life, Education and the Common Good – in its national and global dimension – more than any other party, reaching the maximum score in four of the five criteria analyzed.”

The most obvious example of the loss of values ​​in Europe is the inclusion of abortion in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, which both the PSOE and the nationalist parties analyzed in this study voted in favor.

The Popular Party commented Castro Velarde, “it offers us the same thing as in Spain, a lukewarm position that represents a blank check so that they can then administer our vote in one direction or another, according to the decisions of the European People’s Party. The defense of Life and Family, which they once protected, has been diluted in its meaning of globalism and a good part of the 2030 Agenda. The PP candidate, Dolors Montserrat, did not even show up to vote on the inclusion or not of the Abortion as a «Fundamental Right» in Europe, we cannot call that protecting Life.”

Although the nationalist parties come out better in some aspects, the president of the civic entity specified that “exacerbated nationalism dilutes Equality and Solidarity, Social Justice or the Common Good, in its own secessionist desires. What are impositions on citizens in the Basque Country, the PNV turns into a proposal for dialogue in Europe.For Junts, everything is supported from a purely nationalist perspective to internationalize its cause and for Catalonia to be recognized as an independent state.”

The report also includes SALF (The Party’s Over) as having a good chance of achieving representation in Europe. “This Electoral Group has achieved the second best rating in this study with 10 points. Despite the media’s lack of censorship regarding any news about this match, we have incorporated the information we have into the analysis, through some interviews and social media channels that have not been censored,” Castro Velarde concluded.

Here you can download the complete Electoral Report