Season of Creation Lived in Land of St. Francis

Christians From all Continents Unite in a Moment of Restoration and Hope

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Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi © Vatican Media

How is the Season of Creation lived in the land of St. Francis? The Season of Creation is an initiative in which, during the month of September, thousands of Christians from all continents unite in a moment of restoration and hope. Communities around the world are celebrating it simultaneously, guided by the motto “A home for all? Renewing the Oikos of God”, and by the proposal to build a “tent of Abraham” in community. 

But there is one place in the world where the celebration is much bigger. Guided by their patron saint, St. Francis of Assisi, in this small town in Italy, the Laudato Si’ community is in action seeking to inspire its neighbors towards an ecological conversion.

A tent of Abraham has been set up on the lawn of the Basilica of St. Francis since September 1, and during the month it will rotate to different places, with the aim of bringing the message to every corner. 

The traditional pilgrimage on foot of the “Way of Francis”, between Assisi, Valfabbrica, and Gubbio, had as its first stop the site where the tent is installed and there was a reflection on this special ecumenical time.

Antonio Caschetto, Program Coordinator for Italy for the Laudato Si’ Movement, led the reflection, which concluded with the Amen sign. “Amen”, which comes from Aramaic and indicated the picket line of the tents of the desert nomads, in the tent it denoted our conscious choice, our “here I am” to the call to care for our common home. 

In addition, the space was used to ask for signatures for the “Healthy Planet, Healthy People” petition, a proposal that invites Catholics to accompany Pope Francis to Glasgow for the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) to be held in November.

The diocesan Youth Pastoral Office organized a series of activities especially for young people to have moments of prayer and reflection on integral ecology. Eucharistic adoration was a central activity because they consider that the presence of Jesus is a key to guide this conversion.

The tent will be in the meadow of St. Francis from September 17-25, accompanying the ” Patio of Francis” and will be animated by the various groups of the diocese of Assisi, by Franciscan families, by the Laudato Si’ Circle of Assisi, and by all those who, with their own talents, want to make themselves available to educate and reflect on the theme of our common home. 

Finally, on September 25, it will be taken on foot to the sanctuary of the Madonna dei Tre Fossi, where a vigil under the stars will be held in the evening with the Agesci groups, on the eve of the diocesan ecumenical prayer, also scheduled at the Madonna dei Tre Fossi on Sunday, September 26, World Day of Migrants and Refugees.

This prayer will feature the direct participation in prayer of the ecumenical realities of the diocese (Anglicans, Copts, Orthodox), as well as the participation of refugees hosted by the humanitarian corridors in the diocesan territory.