Sowing Vocations and Smiles: CARF’s Global Mission

Interview with Álvaro Garrido, CARF Communication Director

The Debate

In a recent interview with Álvaro Garrido Bermúdez, director of Communication, Marketing and Fundraising of the CARF Foundation, the objectives and achievements of this institution dedicated to supporting seminarians and religious from the Third World were explored. Founded in 1989 under the leadership of Saint John Paul II and Blessed Álvaro del Portillo, CARF has played a crucial role in providing comprehensive training in Rome and Navarra to thousands of students from 131 countries.

Garrido explains that CARF has three main missions: to promote priestly vocations through prayer and formation, to spread a positive image of the priesthood throughout the world through its multilingual web presence, and to ensure academic, human and spiritual formation. of excellence. This is carried out mainly at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome and in the ecclesiastical faculties of the University of Navarra.

Crucial support for disadvantaged vocations

CARF is financed thanks to donations from benefactors and supportive people, who contribute to its mission of training well-prepared priests and religious. The institution covers the costs of accommodation, food, clothing and training for students, which reach approximately 18,000 euros per year per candidate. This support is vital, as many dioceses in the Third World cannot afford these expenses, but desperately need competent clergy to strengthen the Church in their communities.

Impact and testimonials

The results are evident: more than 40,000 students have benefited to date, with many of them returning to their countries to occupy key roles in their dioceses and religious communities. Álvaro Garrido highlights the testimony of a nun from Benin, who, after receiving training from her in Rome, now leads her order in her country and actively works for the common good and against corruption.

Future and continuity of the project

Looking to the future, CARF continues to seek to expand its impact and secure funding to maintain and expand its training work. Garrido emphasizes the importance of sharing these stories and testimonies to inspire more people to get involved and support this noble cause.

The Roman Academic Center Foundation not only trains competent priests and religious, but also represents a beacon of hope and renewal for the Church in disadvantaged regions of the world, sowing the message of love and service that is central to its mission.

He knows the testimonies of the CARF Foundation

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