The Messi family: The most powerful message

What a family in harmony can mobilize

(C) Photo taken from Antonela Roccuzzo-Messi's Facebook profile
(C) Photo taken from Antonela Roccuzzo-Messi's Facebook profile

It is impossible for me to see the photo of Messi’s family and not feel: “this is the most powerful message.”

How much we could say about this photo!

A family in harmony can mobilize more than a thousand psychology treatises.

The best soccer player in the world is the most humble.

I would like to quote an anonymous text, disseminated by social media, accompanying the photo of this article:

“Of all the images that reached us, I’ll keep this one: Messi sharing his joy with his family, his greatest cup.

Messi said ‘God allowed me to win this cup.’

He puts God in his place of superior instance and he puts himself in the place of the mortal which corresponds to him.

Maradona was made to believe he was God, and he felt he was God and they ate his soul.

Good for Messi!

(C) Photo taken from Antonela Roccuzzo-Messi's Facebook profile
(C) Photo taken from Antonela Roccuzzo-Messi’s Facebook profile

The man with a mission to fulfill, a gift to administer, and the grace to understand where the important thing is, what place God occupies and what place a man occupies who was given everything that any mortal could wish to be.

And he chooses to be first a father, husband, brother, son, friend, companion, humble, and above all a believer.

That is no small thing in this world.”

Few posts in the history of my Facebook profile have moved as many hearts as this one.

In the face of such formidable words, I would only like to add:

A man and a woman, with their children, without speaking, give us the image of a family with healthy human bonds: faithfulness, respect, motivation, companionship, joy, overcoming crises as a couple and as a family… and to top it off… deep love for God.

The photo is a poem, a hymn to life, a hymn to God.

God is present in the heart of the families, of the day to day, of love and of the struggle to strengthen the relationship in mutual dedication, in good and in bad times.

They are not perfect. They are human. And the most beautiful thing… they are very human.

How much we have to learn that the most wonderful things lie in the simplest things.

Phone call for family ministry!

“In and among families, the Gospel message should always resound; the core of that message […] is what is most beautiful, most excellent, most appealing and at the same time most necessary.”*

Not so much theory and badgering with what “has to be done.” More testimony and sharing of life, which is what generates changes of the heart.

* Pope Francis, Amoris Laetitia #58