The Pope invites young people to use social networks wisely

Response to a letter sent to him by young Catholics from the Romanian diocese of Iasi

In an open letter addressed to the young people of the diocese of Iasi (Romania), Pope Francis writes: “Be bearers of hope and builders of bridges, using all the instruments at your disposal to sow goodness and love in the world.”

The Pope’s words respond to a letter given to him in mid-May by the Cardinal Secretary of State of the Holy See, Pietro Parolin, who participated in the diocesan youth meeting held in Iasi on May 18 and 19.

Use social networks wisely

In his letter, published by the Romanian Catholic diocese of Iasi, the Holy Father also encourages young people to use social networks “with courage and creativity, transmitting values ​​that build: friendship, peace, dialogue between ethnicities and cultures, family and Christian values”.

He warns them not to become slaves to their smartphones and end up trapped in virtual life to the detriment of real life: Go out into the world, meet people, listen to their stories, look into the eyes of your brothers and sisters. “True wealth is in the human relationships lived daily, indirect and sincere contact.”

National youth meeting

Finally, the Bishop of Rome invites young Catholics to participate in the national youth meeting, which will be held in September in the district of Brasov.

“It will be a valuable opportunity to grow together in faith, share experiences and strengthen your Christian path,” he writes, before concluding with a request for prayers for him: “Your spiritual support is an invaluable gift that helps me serve the Church and humanity”.