The VII International Diploma Course on the Social Doctrine of the Church

The archbishops of Mexico and Washington head

They will meet face-to-face with 12 American political leaders who have been heads of state, ministers and directors of international organizations to address the responsibility of Christians in America in the face of new global challenges.

The Academy of Catholic Leaders together with the Catholic University of America, will hold from July 23-30 in the city of Washington DC, the VII International Diploma of Social Doctrine of the Church for political, social and economic leaders of the region, which will be dedicated to deepen the new conditions for the global Common Good in times of crisis and especially in the reality of the Americas. The new global challenges will be presented from three keys of interpretation: Christian discernment as a theological look at reality; the Magisterium of Pope Francis as a renewal from the tradition of the Social Doctrine of the Church; and the change of era as a challenge to renew the incarnation of our faith in the new realities.

José Antonio Rosas, director of the Academy of Catholic Leaders, points out: “We will bring together a group of experts of the highest international level and from different countries to discern together the answers we are called to give in the new reality we are living and in these times of crisis that the entire continent is experiencing. It is very significant that the course will be held in the United States and will be headed by Cardinals Wilton Gregory and Carlos Aguiar, Archbishops of Mexico and Washington”.

Among the professors who will be physically teaching in Washington are Miguel Angel Rodriguez Echeverria, the former Secretary General of the OAS; Enrique Garcia Rodriguez who was treasurer of the Inter-American Development Bank; Rodrigo Guerra, secretary of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America;  Liliana Franco, president of CLAR; Fernando Carrillo Flórez, former Minister of the Interior of President Santos of Colombia; Marisol Pérez Tello, former Minister of Justice in the government of Kuczynski of Peru; Bernardo Batiz, founder and former coordinator of the parliamentary group of the MORENA party of President Lopez Obrador in Mexico; Rocco Buttiglione, former Minister of State of Italy; John Garvey, who was assistant attorney general in the administration of Ronald Reagan and current president of the Catholic University of America; among others.

For Joaquín Eguíluz, spokesperson for the Catholic Leaders Academy, “we emphasize that this course will be given in person. In the last two years, in the wake of the pandemic, we have organized multiple virtual courses that have allowed us to listen to international leaders remotely. But it will never replace the experience of physical contact, dialogue and discussion that is done face-to-face. And that is what we are inviting our thousands of alumni to do, to take advantage of this opportunity to personally meet, live and talk for a week with these Catholics who are international leaders in politics, the economy, the Church and society”.

The course will address issues such as institutional crises: immobilism, reforms or revolutions; a new justice system for the social inclusion of the discarded; paths for the integration of our peoples; economic growth and recovery; a culture of encounter in political life; a culture of life in the face of ideological colonization; democracy in the face of populism; new leaderships and popular movements; protection of human rights in a state of law. In addition, the program includes visits to the U.S. Capitol and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, along with a concert by Luis Alfredo Díaz, a world historical reference in spiritual music.

The organizing institutions have also provided scholarships and discounts especially for bishops, persons endorsed by bishops, political leaders and alumni of the Academy. For more information, please visit the Diplomate’s website:

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