Video of the Pope June 2024: “For those who flee their country”

Prayer intention that the Holy Father entrusts to the entire Church

Video message from the Pope © Vatican Media

Below we publish the text of the Pope’s Video with the prayer intention for June disseminated through the Pope’s Global Prayer Network on the theme “For those who flee their homeland”: Let us pray that the migrants who flee from wars or go hungry Refugees, forced to undertake journeys full of danger and violence, find shelter and new life opportunities in the countries that welcome them.

Text of the Pope’s video

Dear brothers and sisters, I would like us to pray this month for those who flee their country.

The drama experienced by people forced to abandon their land fleeing wars or poverty is often combined with the feeling of rootlessness, of not knowing where one belongs.

Furthermore, in some countries of arrival, migrants are seen with alarm and fear.

Then the ghost of walls appears: walls on earth that separate families and walls in the heart.

Christians cannot share this mentality. He who welcomes a migrant, welcomes Christ.

We must promote a social and political culture that protects the rights and dignity of the migrant. And that promotes them in their development possibilities. And integrate them.

A migrant must be accompanied, promoted and integrated.

Let us pray that migrants fleeing wars or hunger, forced on journeys full of danger and violence, find acceptance and new opportunities in life.

[Original text: Spanish]