About us

Chapter 1: EXAUDI’S objective

* EXAUDI is a Catholic International News Agency

* EXAUDI is a voice that, through information, opinions and analyses of the life and activities of the Pope and of the Church, seeks to shed light on current topics and different realities that affect man’s life in the world.

* Exaudi’s aim is the evangelization of the world. It is born to strengthen the Church’s unity with the Pope. 


Chapter 2: EXAUDI’s nature

* EXAUDI is aligned with the Pope and the Magisterium of the Church.

* Our commitment to the truth means journalistic rigor in pursuit of objectivity, contributing to the Church’s evangelizing mission.

* It is easy for all to access and understand, taking into account the universality of the audiences.

* EXAUDI is promoted by a group of Catholic businessmen convinced of the necessity to evangelize the world.

* EXAUDI will use all possible means to spread its news, be it through the Internet, in texts, images, videos, podcasts and other means, digital or not, which exist or will arise, in keeping with the strategies established by the Executive Committee.

* Exaudi NPF is a non-profit entity with headquarters in the United States, under which it is registered and operates.


Chapter 3: EXAUDI’s values

  1. Christian Humanism
  2. Its editorial and operative line is characterized by fidelity to the Pope and to the Magisterium of the Church.
  3. Its journalism is professional, rigorous and missionary.
  4. Its spirit is that of service to the Church.
  5. Its news service is substantive and credible.
  6. It is characterized by a sense of respect and dialogue.
  7. It is committed to technological innovation and creativity.
  1. It is universal, for all. It is easy to access and to understand. It benefits from a multiplicity of cultures and languages given its international presence.


For further information write to: [email protected]

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