What exactly is Exaudi?

EXAUDI is a Catholic International News Agency. It is a voice of the life and activities of the Pope and of the Church that, through information, opinions and analyses, seeks to shed light on current topics and the different realities that affect man’s life in the world.


Who publishes EXAUDI?

EXAUDI belongs to Exaudi NFP, a non-profit organization, in the process of application, with headquarters in Florida. Exaudi NFP is also the proprietor of this Website and has Author’s rights of all articles published in it, except those that have a different Author’s right explicitly indicated.

EXAUDI is an independent News Agency.


What is EXAUDI’s mission?

EXAUDI’s aim is the evangelization of the world. It is born to strengthen the Church’s unity with the Pope.

It offers rigorous information on the life and activities of the Pope and of the Church.

Through its news and articles it covers current topics and the different realities that affect man’s life in the world.


When did EXAUDI start?

EXAUDI started in March of 2021. It is made up of a team of professionals of conviction with experience in Catholic media, convinced of the need to report with rigor and loyalty news of the Church and of the Pope.

Exaudi was born thanks to a management team convinced of the need of a media faithful to the Social Doctrine of the Church and to the Pope, which contributes voices to and analysis of the fundamental questions of the human being from the perspective of the Church.

Its management team is made up of:

Deborah Castellano, Editorial Director
Larissa Lopez, Coordinator of the Spanish Edition
Andrea Acali, Coordinator of the Italian Edition
Alejandro Antunez de Mayolo, systems optimization coordinator
Juan Ignacio Velasco, Coordinator of External Relations
Ricardo Samanez, Financial Coordinator
Alberto Ramirez, CEO

Contact: [email protected]

Who finances EXAUDI?

Reception and personal use of EXAUDI is totally free.

Those who wish to use EXAUDI professionally (news services and organizations) must first request permission to publish at the following link: [email protected], always indicating the source www.exaudi.org and the name of the author of the article.

Nevertheless, given the priority to spread this information, we are willing to negotiate rates and to adapt to each situation.

EXAUDI will be supported by its readers and by businessmen committed to the truth and to evangelization.

EXAUDI is an Catholic International News Agency whose sole objective is to strengthen the Church’s unity with the Pope. Our Manual is the Social Doctrine of the Church.

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