A Call to the Defense of the West

“Combat Proclamation for Young People of Spirit” by Raúl Mayoral Benito


Raúl Mayoral Benito, lawyer and businessman originally from Talavera de la Reina, has ventured into the literary field with his work “Combat Proclamation for Young People of Spirit.” Mayoral, known for his career in prestigious educational, cultural, and social assistance institutions, in addition to his work in the media, presents a book that is positioned as a manifesto in defense of the traditional values ​​of Western civilization and Christianity.

In “Combat Proclamation for Young People of Spirit,” Mayoral describes how a “Trojan horse” of political correctness has invaded the fortress of the West. Accompanying this horse, three battering rams – gender ideology, historical memory, and the myth of climate change – ceaselessly attack the doors of this cultural citadel. According to the author, these concepts are products of clear Marxist manufacture that seek to destabilize and transform the fundamental pillars of Western society.

Political Correctness as a Threat

Mayoral fiercely criticizes political correctness, which he sees as an infiltrated agent that alters sexual identity, disorganizes the system of natural procreation, and dynamites the family. This criticism extends to the engineers of political correctness, whom he accuses of trafficking in “contraband goods” with which they seek to transform traditional principles, values, customs, and ways of life. In short, changed Western and Christian culture.

Gender Ideology, Historical Memory and Climate Change

The author identifies gender ideology as an attempt to change traditional norms about sex and procreation. For Mayoral, this is part of a broader effort by a Marxist left to dismantle the family, considered by him to be the essential nucleus of society.

Regarding historical memory, Mayoral maintains that there is a deliberate manipulation of historical events to impose a biased vision of the past. It is about rewriting history and dominating the future, creating a new narrative that distorts the events of the past, reconfiguring the understanding of history by new generations.

On climate change, Mayoral criticizes the “divinization” of the Earth and denounces what he perceives as a new secular religion that grants a divine status to the planet. This vision, according to him, seeks to displace traditional beliefs and establish a new morality based on radical ecology.

A Call to Cultural Battle

For Raúl Mayoral Benito, the defense of the West cannot wait. He argues that it is urgent to fight a cultural battle for moral rearmament and the defense of freedom. He believes that the values ​​and principles that have underpinned Western civilization are under attack, and that only a renewed commitment to these ideals can ensure their preservation.


“Combat Proclamation for Young People of Spirit” is a controversial and provocative work that invites reflection and debate. Through its pages, Raúl Mayoral Benito calls for a mobilization in defense of traditional Western values ​​against what he perceives as a series of contemporary ideological threats. The work will undoubtedly resonate with those who share its concern about the cultural and moral direction of today’s society, while it will also generate criticism and controversy among its detractors.

The book Proclamation of combat for the young at heart is available on Amazon and on the publisher’s website. It can also be purchased at the book presentation events, copies of which are dedicated and signed by the author himself.

Upcoming presentations

  • Toledo, June 13, Thursday, at 8:45 p.m. in the Parish of San Juan de la Cruz. 12 United Kingdom Street.
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