Bishops to the Pope: “We share your pain for violence in the world”

The Bishops of the Argentine Episcopal Conference, gathered in the 124th Plenary Assembly, sent a letter to Pope Francis


“We pray that all violence and aggression cease and that dialogue always prevails to avoid the prolongation of these situations that afflict so many peoples and humanity in general.” With these words, the Argentine Bishops express their solidarity with Pope Francis and share their concern for a peace that is not coming and for the violence that spreads throughout the world.

“We share your pain and concern for the violence widespread in the world, for the wounds caused to the cause of peace and human fraternity.”

Gathered to discuss an important pastoral agenda

In the letter sent to the Holy Father, within the framework of the 124th Plenary Assembly of the Argentine Episcopal Conference (CEA) – and signed by Monsignor Oscar V. Ojea, President and by Monsignor Alberto G. Bochatey, OSA, Secretary General of the CEA – The Argentine Bishops share with the Pontiff the issues they have been addressing since last April 15 in this Plenary Assembly.

“With the participation of the Bishops from all over the country – the Bishops write – we have met to discuss an important pastoral agenda that covers issues of social impact, related to the life of our country and the synodal dynamics of our episcopal service”.

“We always look forward to your visit”

Before assuring him of their prayers, the Argentine Bishops ask Pope Francis to pray “for this Argentine people, for their families, especially for the poorest, and for this Church that wants to be a witness to the Easter of the Lord,” and they reiterate to the Pontiff the invitation to visit Argentina.

“We always look forward to your visit. Here we are for the fraternal embrace and open sharing with this people who one day saw you leave to meet a greater and more universal fatherhood”.