Catechist kidnapped and killed in Burkina Faso

The Tragedy that Shakes Saatenga


Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) expresses its deepest concern and sorrow following the kidnapping and subsequent killing of the catechist Edouard Yougbare from the parish of Saatenga in Fada Gourma, Burkina Faso.

The catechist was abducted last night by terrorists and his lifeless body was found near Zigni this morning. According to local sources reporting to the charity more people were kidnapped and killed with him.

“We are heartbroken by the loss of Yougbare,” said Maria Lozano, the head of press at ACN. “He served his community faithfully and his death is a devastating blow to the people of Saatenga. Catechists in Burkina Faso are on the frontline, risking their lives for the good of their people. Just two months ago, another catechist was killed in the Diocese of Dori while leading the Sunday morning celebration in a chapel.”

The charity asks for prayers for the families of the victims and all the people of Saatenga, who are deeply affected by these events.

The security situation in Burkina Faso has become drastic over the past few years, with Christians being particularly targeted by terrorist groups inspired by Islamic extremism. The violence in the country can be seen as part of a wider conflict that involves several countries in the Sahel region, including Mali, Chad, Niger and Nigeria.

ACN is committed to supporting the Church in Burkina Faso during these difficult times. In 2023, ACN supported 56 projects in Burkina Faso with more than one million euro in funding.