Catholic Film Festival Presents Movie ‘Burning Heart’

It Can Be Watched in Mexican Cinemas on February 10

Catholic Film Festival
Film Ardent Heart ©International Catholic Film Festiva

The International Catholic Film Festival presents the movie “Burning Heart” of Spanish film Director Andres Garrigo, bringing it to Mexican cinemas on February 10.

According to the organizers of the Film Festival, by showing devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the movie “guides spectators to the knowledge of the Lord’s apparitions and promises. Contemplated, moreover, is that the miraculous action and grace of the Sacred Heart of Jesus continue today. “Burning Heart” injects optimism and arouses an interior movement of trust and greater love and devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.”

“Burning Heart” is one of the films of faith and devotion most awaited in the American Continent. It will also be released in Peru, on February 17, in Miami (USA) on February 25, in Uruguay on February 14 and in Brazil on March 10, and soon, in Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, and Bolivia.

Of the creators of the feature films “Light of Solitude,” “Poveda,” “Fatima, The Last Mystery,” “Burning Heart” is a film that includes everything regarding devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It tells the story of Lupe Valdes (Karyme Lozano), a writer who looks for inspiration for her new novel, guided by Mary (Maria Vallejo-Najera). Lupe learns of Jesus’ apparitions to Saint Margaret Mary, together with other events related to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In her penetration, she discovers that there are wounds in her heart that must be healed.

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus started at the beginning of the Church, when the faithful meditated on the open side and Heart of Christ, pierced by the lance of a Roman soldier. The spread of this devotion is due to Jesus’ apparitions to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque. His promises are: the necessary grace will be given to souls consecrated to the Sacred Heart; there will be peace in families; His Heart will be a refuge and shelter for a soul at the hour of death; He will pour blessings on personal projects; Jesus will console souls in their afflictions; the lukewarm will become fervent, and fervent souls will acquire perfection; priests will be given the grace to move hardened hearts; homes will be blessed where the image of the Sacred Heart is displayed, the name of souls that spread this devotion will be written on the Heart of Jesus; those that go to Communion on nine consecutive first Fridays will be given the grace of final perseverance.

The Festival’s organizers point out that, more than a film, it “is an instrument to take Jesus’ love to hearts, to convert them; to let those who suffer know, as well as those that are estranged from the Sacred Heart, that He will be there, so they must trust in His mercy and His presence.”

For additional information on the “Burning Heart” film go to the official page of “Burning Heart.”

Translation by Virginia M. Forrester