Central American University of Nicaragua confiscated

‘Society of Jesus’: confiscation of assets on unfounded suspicion of terrorism

The Central American University of Nicaragua faced a critical situation as its assets, both real and personal, were confiscated and transferred to the State of Nicaragua. This measure was taken after the university authorities received a notification from the Tenth Criminal Court of Managua. The UCA is accused of involvement in criminal activities and of being a ‘centre of terrorism’.

Since its foundation in 1963 by the Society of Jesus, the UCA has been a non-profit educational institution with a strong commitment to public service and Christian values. It is an integral part of the Association of Universities entrusted to the Society of Jesus in Latin America (AUSJAL), which underlines its importance in the field of education.

This incident has generated a wave of criticism and concern. Both AUSJAL and the Central American Province of the Society of Jesus reject the accusations against UCA and denounce the violation of university autonomy and academic freedom. In a statement, the AUSJAL Democracy Observatory called on the Nicaraguan authorities to end the occupation and allow the academic community to resume its intellectual and social development work.

The Society of Jesus has also spoken out, claiming that these unfounded accusations are part of a government strategy that violates human rights and seeks to establish a totalitarian state. Furthermore, it holds the Nicaraguan government responsible for any damage to students, professors, administrative staff and the country’s cultural heritage.

In response to this situation, the Universidad Centroamericana has decided to temporarily suspend its academic and administrative activities until it can return to normal operations.