Feedback as a gift

If we add the ingredient of generosity, we can get the person to replicate it

I recently heard and read about the theory developed by psychologist Claude Steiner, called, “The Economy of Caress”. In this article, I try to associate the concept of Feedback with this approach, from my personal experience.

A synonym of Feedback is feedback. If we take this term to the business world, we can say that it is a process that occurs through formal communication, where a collaborator receives valuable information from his boss, seeing both his strengths such as opportunities for improvement, to raise their work performance.

Therefore, if we add to the feedback the ingredient of generosity in its broadest sense, we can ensure that this person, not only in the current position and company they work in but in their future experiences and responsibilities, whether as a subordinate or team leader, I replicated. This would occur because he will feel that he is receiving a gift-caress that, by doing him good, will be shared with others and thus this process will have a multiplying effect.

From what I have experienced in the corporate world, where I have had the opportunity to receive and give feedback, initially associating these events or processes with the saying… “Some are made of lime and others are made of sand”… I am going to share with you five key characteristics, which I learned and that we must all take into account and internalize, whether receiving or giving Feedback.

  • Write.- Notes or notes, where through simple words and concrete facts (in space and time), materialize the collaborator’s skills, attitudes or points of improvement.
  • Meditate.- Read and reflect on the previous point, anyone understands it easily.
    Present.- What I have written, which I will then put into practice, via words, is what I want to say to this person.
  • Contemplate.- Since all people are valuable in themselves, I must seek their good, that is why I convey and comment on what changes they should make to have a better present and future work life.
  • Operationalize.- Go from theory to action, always apply it in my daily life.

Someone is thinking by now! Hum!, it’s easy to write it, the quid of the matter is how do I make this process flow naturally. I don’t have a magic wand, what I can assure you is that practice makes perfect.

Finally, I share with you a message from the writer Oscar Wilde, “Truly intelligent selfishness consists of ensuring that others are well, so that, in this way, one is somewhat better.”

What do you say? We keep rowing against the current!