Gaudí, the mystic. One of the greatest experts speaks: José Antonio Almuzara

May Jesus, Mary and Joseph be at the center of your life

The YouTube channel “Refugio Zavala”, recognized for its in-depth interviews, has launched a fascinating meeting with a personality from the world of architecture: José Antonio Almuzara. On this occasion, the central theme was the figure of the Catalan genius, Antoni Gaudí.

José Antonio Almuzara, renowned architect and expert in Gaudí’s work, has shared with the channel’s audience his deep knowledge and passion for the architectural legacy of the famous modernist artist. And his spirituality and devotion to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

During the interview, Almuzara unravels the spirituality that permeated Gaudí’s work, highlighting how his deep Catholic faith influenced each of his designs, turning them into true works of art that transcend the merely material.

In addition to exploring Gaudí’s spirituality, the conversation also delves into his creative genius. Almuzara reveals fascinating details about the architect’s creative process, from his meticulous studies of nature to his innovative approach to geometry and structure.

The interview is not limited to technical aspects but also offers an intimate look at Gaudí’s personal life. Almuzara shares little-known anecdotes that shed light on the personality and motivations of the genius, showing a human and close side of this iconic architect helped by his devotion to Jesus.

For lovers of history and architecture, this interview is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Antoni Gaudí, through the eyes of a passionate expert like José Antonio Almuzara.

Don’t miss this captivating encounter on the “Refugio Zavala” YouTube channel, where Gaudí’s genius comes to life from the hand of a great connoisseur of his work.