Get angry with God

I only ask God to grant me a place in his heart where I can thank him for everything I have received

When a misfortune occurs – “premature” or perhaps unexpected – it is common for people to become angry with God. I don’t blame them. Furthermore, I believe that in many cases it is therapeutic. In any case, it is an act of faith: someone can only be angry with someone they know exists.

However, God also did not promise us a life until we were 83 years old. Not even children without any illness. Nor die while we are peacefully asleep.

And God does indeed have a contract with me (and with you too). He calls it an “alliance.” It is a contract so serious that He signed it with His blood.

According to that contract, God sent his only Son to earth to die until death, like any other man, but in his case, he would give himself up voluntarily – so it was not unexpected, although it was “premature” according to our canons – and in exchange for his surrender, I will have eternal life (and so will you).

Is it that simple? And what does he ask me in return? Because such a large transaction surely asks for something. Well yes. He asks me to believe in Him – in Jesus Christ man and God, dead and RISEN – and to love others as He loves me.

The truth is that it is not easy, but considering what awaits me… I will surely win.

So there is a contract, but no clause specifies the time or manner of when we can collect our money. Everything must be admissible. ALL.

And it’s true, there are drinks that are not easy at all. The human mind is not prepared for a child’s illness, much less for his death, but we must prepare the heart, it is the only place where suffering can be welcomed.

Life is fragile. Being aware of this helps me enjoy it much more. Mine and everyone around me. And when the inevitable comes, to me and to any of my loves on earth… I only ask God to grant me a place in His Heart where I can thank Him for everything I have received.​