Great expectations for the launch of the documentary “In you I trust”

Devotion to the Sacred Heart in Ecuador

In an atmosphere of great expectation, the preview of the audiovisual documentary “In you I trust” was held, which summarizes the history of the Consecration of Ecuador to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the devotion that the Ecuadorian people maintain. The previous launch of the audiovisual production took place on the night of Sunday, March 24, on the eve of the solemn celebration on the occasion of the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Consecration of Ecuador to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The 15-minute documentary film offers a detail of the historical background that the country experienced in 1873 and 1874, in which the ecclesiastical approval of the consecration was carried out, and then also reached the approval of the decree law by which the legislative and executive functions of the Ecuadorian State support and adhere to the Church, pilgrim in Ecuador, to make official the consecration of the country to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The audiovisual production was carried out by the communication team of the organizing commission of the International Eucharistic Congress, which will take place from September 8 to 15, in the city of Quito. The audiovisual edition was in charge of Juan Fernando Proaño, with the production coordination of Marcelo Mejía, director of the IEC2024 communication office.

Official launch

The official presentation of the documentary took place this Monday, March 25, 2024, from 8:30 a.m., through the Facebook page of the International Eucharistic Congress IEC2024 and from the Instagram account.

The documentary seeks to highlight the historical and religious event for Ecuador and the world, which meant the consecration of Ecuador to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, on March 25, 1874, after the third Quitense Provincial Council signed the decree of consecration on March 31. August 1873, and the Congress of Ecuador approved the Decree Law on October 18 of the same year. Meanwhile, the Decree of canonical consecration was signed on February 10, 1874, prior to the solemn religious ceremony of consecration that took place on March 25, 1874, in the Cathedral of Quito.

Catechetical training input

One of the objectives of the documentary is that it become a valuable input for the catechetical formation of children and youth who are preparing to receive the sacraments of first communion and confirmation, as well as to strengthen the knowledge of the invocation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the families, parishes and Christian communities of the country.

Devotion to the Sacred Heart in Ecuador

Approximately 100 years before Ecuador became an independent republic, according to the historical records available, devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus would have been established in Quito and in the territories that included the Royal Court of Quito, from the beginning of the 1700s, since it is known that in 1722 the cult of the Sacred Heart of Jesus would have been consolidated at the initiative and impulse of the Jesuit priest, of Italian origin, Father José María Maugeri.

The documentary is available to watch or download for free from the official channel of the International Eucharistic Congress 2024, on YouTube.