Holy Father Receives Prime Minister of Lebanon

Discussion of Economic and Political Conditions in Country

crisis Líbano Vaticano
El Papa y el primer ministro del Líbano, Najib Mikati © Vatican Media

This morning, the Holy Father received in audience the Prime Minister of Lebanon, Najib Mikati, who subsequently met with the Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, accompanied by Msgr. Paul Richard Gallagher, Secretary for Relations with States.

The Lebanese crisis

“During the cordial talks in the Secretariat of State,” states a note from the Vatican Press Office, “the historical relations between the Holy See and Lebanon and the important role that the Catholic Church plays in the country were underlined.” Reference was made to the current situation that the Lebanese people are experiencing, especially with regard to the political crisis and socio-economic conditions, hoping that justice, the necessary reforms, and the support of the international community will help to revive the fortunes of the country of the Cedars.

Furthermore, in reiterating how important it is to promote the concept of full citizenship of every Lebanese, the importance of peaceful coexistence was underlined, so that Lebanon continues to be a message of peace and brotherhood that rises from the Middle East “.

The Pope’s interventions

Lebanon continues to be in the heart of the Pope, who does not fail to make his proximity to that country felt so severely tried in recent years by migratory phenomena, by tragedies such as the explosion at the port of Beirut, by a devastating political and humanitarian crisis. . Pope Francis has repeatedly expressed his desire to visit the country. He renewed his solidarity with President Aoun in a letter last May and promoted the prayer meeting for Lebanon on 1 July.

The day of prayer

On that occasion, the Holy Father reiterated that “Lebanon must remain a peace project” and there was no lack of calls to politicians and the international community to stop “using Lebanon and the Middle East for foreign interests and profits”.