Inspirational Leadership

Deploy your talents, make them become virtues and multiply them with a super attitude


Within the different types of leadership that have been studied and given throughout the history of humanity, today the majority of documents, speakers, studies, etc., they focus on how to become an inspiring leader.

Regarding this, a few weeks ago, practicing Catholics celebrated “the feast of Jesus, the good shepherd”, taking this as a reference and from a simple and practical perspective, I will try to address this topic associated with my personal experience.

As I have commented in past articles, for more than two years, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with my entire family. My wife was transferred to this city to assume a position of greater responsibility in the company where she works. While in my case, now I see from a long distance issues associated with the family business that I have with my brothers in Peru (I am leading a project associated with AI and augmented reality), and I also take care of various things around the house and the girls. .

After briefly commenting on my environment, I go on to list the things that my wife and I have been practicing, in the different environments in which we interact (personal, family, and work) trying to make them become a habit.

  • Giving one’s life to our loved ones.- Obviously, it is not a literal issue, but we do give something valuable, our time, to be there, accompany, listen, empathize and even give advice.
  • Know each other more and better.- Continue capturing each person individually better and better, loving them as they are, without judging or labeling.
  • Builders of unity.- Speaking simply (without embellishments or complications), always sincere (the truth above all) and finally trusting (like a child trusts its parents). We try to practice this daily, and it is a continuous, but artisanal, process.

Someone will be saying, paper can withstand everything…, what I can tell you is that it is NOT easy… because we are weak, skinny, and we can get hurt (in that case we ask for forgiveness, and we forgive), the magic wand in our case is that we have an unconditional ally who always accompanies us and protects us and that is GOD. It is worth pointing out that for other people it could be meditation, couples therapy, etc.

Finally, I share with you a phrase from the American statesman, diplomat and lawyer John Quincy Adams, sixth president of that country, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become something more, then you are a leader.”

Let’s wake up the leader inside you, deploy your talents, make them become virtues and multiply them by a super attitude, so you will be a leader who is inspiring and generates confidence on a personal, family and work level. I hope that what I have shared is useful and reflective for you.

What do you say? We continue paddling against the current…!