International Diploma in Social Doctrine in New York

3 cardinals of the Church will train leaders to analyze and study the UN 2030 agenda in light of Integral Solidarity Human Development

From July 19 to 28, a course on the Social Doctrine of the Church at the highest level will be held in New York City to address Comprehensive, Solidarity, and Sustainable Human Development that allows us to discern the opportunities, challenges, and dangers of the 2030 agenda of the United Nations.

To this end, the International Academy of Catholic Leaders has integrated a teaching staff of the highest international level headed by Cardinals Christophe Pierre, nuncio to the United States; Odilo Scherer, archbishop of São Paulo in Brazil; and Marc Ouellet, president emeritus of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America.

Rocco Buttiglione, president of the Academy of Catholic Leaders, points out: “We want to discern reality from our faith. Today we especially want to address the United Nations 2030 agenda from the concept created by Saint Paul VI: Integral Human Development, but in light of the contributions of Popes Benedict XVI and Francis”

In addition to the three cardinals, several lay leaders internationally in social thought will also teach classes, such as Miguel Angel Rodríguez, former president of Costa Rica; Mario Paredes, former advisor for Latin America at the White House; Rocco Buttiglione, former minister for the European Union; Enrique García, former president of CAF Development Bank of Latin America; Fernando Carrillo, former Attorney General of Colombia; Fernando Sánchez, vice president of the International Federation of Catholic Universities; Rodrigo Guerra, secretary of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America; Eduardo Almeida, former director of the IDB in Haiti; Alejandra Segura, president of the International Network of Catholic Women; among others.

“This diploma program wants to study development, but placing the poor at the heart of it. To do so, we will not only carry out a diagnosis of development in the Americas, but we will present the principles and guidelines for action from the social teaching of the Church, and Above all, we will show how the poor are a constitutive dimension of faith and, therefore, are at the heart of authentic development,” says the director of the Diploma, Enrique García, who was general treasurer of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

This course has also managed to bring together several of the most important leaders of the Church in the American continent, such as Mons. Timothy Broglio, president of the episcopal conference in the USA; Sister Liliana Franco, president of the Latin American Confederation of Religious CLAR; Bishop Octavio Cisneros, president of the subcommittee on aid to the Church in Latin America of the US Bishops’ Conference; P. Aidan Rooney, Vice President of Saint John’s University, among others.

The diploma will be taken at the second-largest Catholic university in the United States: Saint John’s University, a university run by the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.

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