Mexico Slates Virtual Missionary-Vocation Expo

Will Take Place on October 23 and 24 on Occasion of World Mission Day

Virtual Missionary-Vocation Expo
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The third edition of the virtual missionary-vocation Expo will take place on October 23 and 24 on the occasion of World Mission Day and will be organized by the Direction of the Pontifical Mission Societies of Mexico. It is a special meeting session with the faithful, an opportunity for training and information, which each missionary institute will be able to carry out virtually, in order to take advantage of the enormous potential of social networks and the Internet in the context of missionary animation, reported Fides News Agency.

The Direction of the PMS of Mexico will coordinate the activities of the different missionary institutes, with several initiatives for the month of October: The transmission of the Eucharistic celebrations through social media channels, in the sign of prayer for the five continents; social media, together with television and printed magazines, have been the privileged instruments for a series of informative, training and educational activities; Brochures (digital and paper) have also been prepared to give news of the missionary month, taking advantage of all the spaces of the magazines “Sembradores” and “Ad gentes” to deepen the theme of missions.

“We are experiencing the preparation for this World Mission Day 2021 in a very different context from previous years: we continue to be immersed in a very complex health situation. In the midst of so much uncertainty, we find ourselves even more in need of God, of his love and of his mercy – explains Father Antonio de Jesús Mascorro Tristán, national director of the Mexican PMS. The urgency to discover or rediscover God in the life of each of us underlines the great need to proclaim the Gospel in order to reach so many people who today need to hear the news of true hope. “It is impossible for us not to speak about what we have seen and heard” reminds us of the theme of World Mission Day; we cannot wait to announce the joy that the Good News brings into the life of each of us”.