Open your heart to the living and resurrected Jesus Christ!: Commentary Fr. Jorge Miró

Easter Sunday

Engraving of 'He is Risen' on a stone © Cathopic

Father Jorge Miró shares with Exaudi readers his commentary on today’s Gospel, Sunday, March 31, 2024, titled “Open your heart to the living and risen Jesus Christ!”


Last Sunday, I invited you to ask yourself how you position yourself before Jesus at this moment in your life. That is to say: who is Jesus for you? A simple character in the story? A “dead man” from the gallery of illustrious men?

And I suggested that you not rush into the answer, but rather live Holy Week by going through it with the Lord. I proposed that you go through the existential itinerary of the different people who appear in the Passion of the Lord so that they could help you see what is in your heart and, by welcoming the gift of the Holy Spirit, you could meet the Lord.

Today the Word makes a surprising announcement to us: Christ has risen, Hallelujah! Jesus Christ lives! We do not follow a dead person, or an idea. No. We have been reached by a Person, Jesus Christ, the Lord, who has defeated death, lives forever, and invites you to follow him and live a new life.

Maybe you are trapped in the tomb of your “deaths”… Maybe you are like the women of the gospel, thinking: Who will roll the stone from the entrance of the tomb for us?, because you feel unable to leave the tomb.

FOr like the disciples of Emmaus, who walked taciturn and disenchanted, because their eyes were not able to recognize him, and they had distanced themselves from the community. And you live thinking: We expected that he was going to liberate Israel, but, with all this, we are already on the third day since this happened…

And today the Word announces to you that if you accept the gift of the Holy Spirit and can look with the eyes of faith, you will also have the experience of the women who saw that the stone was rolled away, and that it was very large.

You will also hear the voice of the Angel, who tells you: Do not be afraid. Jesus Christ has risen. Jesus Christ lives and walks with you. You’re not alone.

You too, if you believe, will see the glory of God. Likewise, you will see how your heart burns because the Holy Spirit, the sweet guest of the soul, whispers to you in every beat of your heart that God loves you, that Jesus Christ has died and risen for you, he has taken on all your sins, he has defeated all your “deaths” and gives you eternal life. Life beyond death and beyond your “deaths”.

And, then, when you meet the Risen Jesus Christ, you will live a new life. Thus, you will live like Jesus, who passed through the world doing good and healing those oppressed by the devil.

You will live seeking the goods from above because you have already experienced that idols perhaps give you some “life” but not eternal life, because you know that your life is with Christ hidden in God.

Cheer up! Open your heart to the living and resurrected Jesus Christ! He will give you eternal life. And you will begin to taste it now.

If you believe, you will see the glory of God!

Happy Easter, Happy Meeting with the Risen One