Pope Francis: “Happy Advent”

The words after the Angelus prayer

Start of Advent © Alba Montalvo

In his words after the Angelus prayer this Sunday, 27 November 2022, the Pope expressed his closeness to the peoples of Palestine and Israel.

He prayed for the victims of the island of Ischia, hit by flooding.

Finally, the Holy Father greeted the faithful and pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square, And I wish everyone a good Sunday and a good Advent journey

Here are the Pope’s words after the Angelus prayer, provided by the Holy See Press Office:

After the Angelus

Dear brothers and sisters!

I follow with concern the increase in violence and clashes that have been taking place for months in the State of Palestine and in Israel. Last Wednesday, two cowardly attacks in Jerusalem injured many people and killed an Israeli boy; and the same day, during armed clashes in Nablus, a Palestinian boy died. Violence kills the future, shattering the lives of the young and weakening hopes for peace. Let us pray for these young men who died and for their families, especially their mothers. I hope that the Israeli and Palestinian authorities will more readily take to heart the search for dialogue, building mutual trust, without which there will never be a peaceful solution in the Holy Land.

And I also wish to remember Burkhard Scheffler, who died three days ago here beneath the colonnade of Saint Peter’s Square; he froze to death.

I affectionately greet you all, from Italy and various countries, especially the pilgrims from Warsaw and Granada, the representatives of the Romanian community and those of the community of East Timor present in Rome, as well as the Ecuadorians who are celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of El Quinche. I greet the Red Cross volunteers of Acerenza, the Ente Nazionale Pro Loco d’Italia, and the faithful of Turin, Pinerolo, Palermo, Grottammare and Campobasso. I address a special thanks to the Italian bakers, in the hope they will overcome the current difficulties.

I greet the participants in the March that took place this morning to denounce sexual violence against women, unfortunately a general and widespread reality everywhere and also used as a weapon of war. Let us not tire of saying no to war, no to violence, yes to dialogue, yes to peace; in particular for the martyred Ukrainian people. Yesterday we recalled the tragedy of the Holodomor.

I greet the secretariat of the FIAC (International Forum of Catholic Action), gathered in Rome on the occasion of the Eighth Assembly.

And I wish you all a blessed Sunday and a good Advent journey. Please, do not forget to pray for me. Enjoy your lunch, and arrivederci!