Pope Francis: ¡The future is today!

New video of the Holy Father on the occasion of the 108th World Migrant and Refugee Day

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Young people must be protagonists of the future. This is what Pope Francis says in the new video published by the Migrants and Refugees Section (M&R) ahead of the 108th World Migrant and Refugee Day (WYD) to be celebrated next Sunday, 25 September.

The Holy Father spoke of the future, a future that “begins today and begins with us”. The responsibility for decisions cannot be left to the next generations.
The testimony of two young Talitha Kum Ambassadors committed to the fight against human trafficking is accompanying the words of Pope Francis. The two young men recount the scourge of trafficking in Asia and how they are working to help those in need, thus committing themselves to build a better future.
To achieve this future, Pope Francis asks us: What decisions need to be taken now to build an inclusive and better future for all?

We are called upon to answer personally and to contribute to this reflection you can send a short video or photo of your answer

to [email protected] or by going directly to the social media of the M&R Section.

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