Pope: Growing together as a Church

108th World Day of Migrants and Refugees

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Sunday 25 September 2022 will mark the 108th Migrants and Refugees Day. The Holy Father chose as the title of his traditional Message “Building the future with migrants and refugees” to underline the commitment we are all called to put into practice to build a future that responds to God’s plan, excluding no one.

“The diversity of expressions of faith and devotions is an opportunity to grow in catholicity”.

Pope Francis’ message in the fifth video of the communication campaign promoted by the Migrants and Refugees Section (M&R) on the occasion of the 108th World Day of Migrants and Refugees and Refugee Day (WYD).

The Holy Father highlights how the presence of migrants and refugees is revitalising the ecclesial communities where they are welcomed. Chicago’s St. Mary of the Lake and Our Lady of Lourdes parish is a case in point: rich in various nationalities of migrants, it celebrates multicultural diversity even in the sacraments. multicultural diversity even in the sacraments.

In the video, parishioners bear witness to how the presence of diverse religious traditions and cultures fosters unity and enriches the faith of all.

Pope Francis asks everyone: How can we, in your opinion, make migrants and refugees more involved in our communities?

To answer this question, you can send a short video or photo to [email protected] or go directly to the social media of the M&R SECTION.  The M&R Section also welcomes written information, multimedia or photos showing the common work to live out the GMWR 2022 theme chosen by the Pope: Building the Future with Migrants and Refugees.

All material from the communication campaign, including kits in different languages with ideas for Eucharistic Celebration, prayers, activities for youth and adults, can be freely used for the GMMR which falls on 25 September.

Pope Francis’ unpublished video: Growing Together as Church.