‘Saints are Signposts for Us in Our Earthly Journey’

Comments by Bishop Artur G. Miziński, Secretary-General of the Polish Episcopal Conference, on Celebration of All Saints

Saints are Signposts for Us in Our Earthly Journey
Bishop Artur G. Miziński

“Saints are signposts for us in our earthly journey. They show us a sure and simple way to achieve salvation,” said Bishop Artur G. Miziński, secretary-general of the Polish Episcopal Conference, on the occasion of the celebration of All Saints on November 1.

Bishop Miziński admitted that on that day the faithful visit the graves of their relatives, light candles, and offer prayers to the dead. “In the Polish tradition, it has been assumed that we visit cemeteries on November 1 and 2, sometimes forgetting that November 1 is a joyful holiday, when we remember and worship all saints, i.e. the saved who are with God in the land of eternal happiness, and on November 2 we remember all the faithful the dead by offering them our special prayerful help on that day, ”he emphasized.

The Secretary-General emphasized that the celebration of All Saints is also to remind us of the community that binds us with the saints. “This day draws our attention to the connection we have with those who are already enjoying the glory of heaven. They are the signposts for us in our earthly journey. They show us a sure and simple path to salvation. They intercede for us with God when we pray through their intercession, ”he noted.

He added that the saints in Heaven intercede for the Church and her faithful before God, “offering God the Father the merits they have acquired on earth through the one Mediator between God and men – Jesus Christ” (Vatican Council II,  Lumen Gentium, 49). We are never alone because the saints constantly accompany us with their intercession ”.

“It is worth turning to the saints with our affairs because they know the hardships of the earthly journey. They went through their lives facing various hardships, and at the end of their earthly pilgrimage, they made an account of their heroic stance to God. The Church recognized their virtues and set an example for the faithful to follow so that they would serve with their example and help from Heaven,” said Bishop Miziński.