The European Academy of Catholic Leaders prepares its first Summer School


The European Academy of Catholic Leaders is organizing its first Summer School, “Pour L’Europe”, which will take place from July 7 to 13, 2024 at the Monasterio de la Vid, Aranda de Duero. This event will have a top-level academic body. On this occasion, we spoke with Javier de Cendra, director of the Spanish Academy of Catholic Leaders, member of the Council of the European Academy of Catholic Leaders, and of the Council of the International Academy of Catholic Leaders, who told us details of this first edition.

What are the expectations of the summer school, and what would be its main contribution to the training of young people?

“We decided to launch a Summer School in which talented young people with a vocation for servant leadership will be able to share a few days with experienced leaders, reflecting together on the past, present, and future of Europe. They will develop proposals that contribute to its regeneration, all this in an environment that encourages the creation of bonds of deep friendship. Each day will include work sessions on the roots, present, and future of Europe, skills and competence workshops, sports and cultural activities, and times for rest. Spiritual life.”

What should those interested in signing up do, and what facilities do they offer so they can attend?

“All the information about the Summer School and the registration form are available on the Academy website. We offer scholarships of up to 100% so that no candidate with the right vocation and conditions is left without participating for economic reasons. In addition , detailed information about the Global Leadership Programme, including available scholarships and the registration form, can be found here.”

The International Academy of Catholic Leaders is a training center present in 38 dioceses in 15 countries in America, chaired by Rocco Buttiglione, president of the International Academy of Catholic Leaders and former minister of Italy. This center was born in Chile in 2006 and has spread to various countries in America, such as the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Spain, among others.

As of 2023, the Academy has started activities in Europe; To this end, a council has been established that will ensure the fulfillment of its mission, as well as define the steps of its expansion throughout the European continent. The Academy in Europe is directed by Javier de Cendra, dean of the Francisco de Vitoria University of Spain.