The road to happiness

Father Ángel Espinosa de los Monteros

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Father Ángel Espinosa de los Monteros brings to Exaudi readers in his Reflections section, the topic “The path to happiness.”


Father Ángel Espinosa de los Monteros shared with us his thoughts on a topic as fundamental as it is complicated: happiness. This universal longing, present in all human beings, is addressed by Father Ángel from a deeply human and spiritual perspective.

Father Ángel begins with a provocative observation: “Imagine if I told you right now that I was happier than everyone who was watching me, some would even get angry.” With this, he invites us to question our conceptions of happiness and avoid unnecessary comparisons. Happiness cannot be measured simply by our external circumstances, such as marital status, the number of children, or the possession of material goods.

Happiness and Perception

Father Angel uses a powerful metaphor to illustrate his point: “For a barefoot man, happiness is a pair of shoes; for a man with old shoes, it is a pair of new shoes; for a man with new shoes, it is a pair of prettier shoes”. This example teaches us to value what we have instead of focusing on what we lack. Each person has a different perception of happiness based on their own experiences and needs.

What Does Not Give Happiness

In his reflection, Father Ángel also lists a series of things that definitely do not contribute to happiness: “Hatred, revenge, violence, selfishness, war, crime, dependencies…”. These are sources of suffering and misery, and moving away from them is an essential step toward a fuller life.

Momentary Joys vs. True Happiness

A crucial distinction that Father Angel makes is between momentary joys and true happiness. “I just bought a motorcycle… don’t say what happiness, it’s a momentary joy.” These joys can be fleeting and sometimes deceptive, as they can lead to disappointments or even tragedies. True happiness, according to him, is not found in temporary possessions or experiences, but in something deeper and lasting.

The Path to True Happiness

For Father Ángel, true happiness will only be fully achieved in eternal life. However, here on earth, we can walk towards it through peace, love, forgiveness, sincerity, family, training and, fundamentally, God. “God is the foundation of everything I just said,” he says. It is He who gives us peace, helps us to be honest and overcome our vices.

A Life in Peace and Love

The path to happiness, according to Father Ángel, involves living in peace, forgiving, loving, being generous, understanding and helping others. These values ​​put us on the right path, even if we never achieve perfect happiness in this life. “Forget about things and focus on values. You are on the path to happiness when you are a good person, full of God who lives in peace and full of love.”


The reflection of Father Ángel Espinosa de los Monteros reminds us that the search for happiness is a continuous journey that is nourished by our values ​​and our relationship with God. He urges us to stop comparing ourselves to others and focus on what really matters: being good people, full of love and peace. “Let us do all the good we can and may God bless you always,” he concludes, leaving a powerful call to action for all of us.


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