When faith is lost

Father Ángel Espinosa de los Monteros


Father Ángel Espinosa de los Monteros brings to Exaudi readers in his Reflections section the topic “When faith is lost.”


Today I want to share with you a deep reflection inspired by the words of Fray Abel de Jesús. His message, although brief, is immensely rich. He says this:

“When Christians lose faith, they turn liturgy into celebration, pastoral care into entertainment, spiritual direction into psychotherapy, holiness into ethics, and prayer into the consumption of sentimental experiences.”

The Liturgy Turned into a Party

By losing faith, Christians transform the liturgy into a simple festive celebration. The solemnity of the first communion is distorted by decorations, games, and celebrations that distract from the true spiritual purpose. The importance of the Eucharist is diluted amid superficial concerns, such as the organization of the event and external appearance.

The Pastoral Turned into Entertainment

Pastoral care, instead of being a guide for conversion and spiritual formation, is reduced to an entertainment activity. Instead of going deeper into the preparation of marriages or the spiritual growth of the community, they seek to fill schedules with superficial activities. The pastoral becomes a series of events that seek social commitment more than religious fervor.

Spiritual Direction Converted into Psychotherapy

Spiritual direction, which should be a path to listen to and follow the voice of God, becomes a psychotherapy session. The goal of finding and following divine will is replaced by the search for personal well-being. When God’s teachings become challenging, we choose to ignore them in favor of emotional comfort.

Holiness Converted into Ethics

Holiness and ethics, although related, are different concepts. Ethics is based on fundamental principles such as not stealing, not killing, being faithful, etc. However, holiness goes further, seeking perfection and love for God in all actions. Holiness involves doing as much good as possible, caring for those most in need, and living with a deep love for God.

Prayer Converted into Consumption of Sentimental Experiences

Finally, prayer becomes a consumption of sentimental experiences. Many people avoid mental prayer and reading the Gospel, preferring group prayers where feelings and experiences are shared. However, Jesus taught his disciples to pray in private, meeting God personally. True prayer involves an intimate and deep dialogue with the Creator.


Dear brothers, let us not lose faith. Let us remain authentic apostles of Jesus Christ, doing all the good possible and always seeking to please God in our lives. God bless you always.

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