Pope Francis meets the young people of Scholas Occurrentes

On the occasion of the launch of the International Educational Movement

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At 16.00 this afternoon, the Holy Father Francis went to the Pontifical Urban University, where he met with young people of Scholas Occurrentes on the occasion of the launch of the International Educational Movement. During the meeting, the Pope spoke with students from the “Laudato si’” School, from various countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Haiti, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Portugal, and Spain. For one year, these young people engaged in care for the Common Home will develop projects with socio-environmental impact in their communities.

At the end of the visit, the Holy Father imparted his blessing, greeted those present, and returned to the Vatican.

© Vatican MediaAbout Scholas Occurrentes

Scholas Occurrentes, is an International Organization of Pontifical Law created by decree of His Holiness, Pope Francis. It is already present in 190 countries and through its network integrates more than half a million schools and educational networks.
Its mission is to achieve the integration of all students in the world through technological, sports and artistic proposals that promote education from the culture of encounter.